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Hype jedes Team außer den Clippers

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As a sports journalist, there are certain teams you just shouldn’t trust. Despite the way the Detroit Lions play, their fans won’t hesitate to tell you that a size 14 steel-toed boot will drop any moment. We all know which tortured souls I’m talking about, so let’s spare them more anguish and focus once again on the team that people fall in love with: the Los Angeles Clippers.

For me to believe that the Clippers or any team with James Harden are ever real contenders, they would need to have a 25-point lead 3 seconds before the end of the NBA Finals decisive game. It doesn’t matter if they had survived the first three rounds of the playoffs and were facing the Bucks without Giannis Antetokounmpo and Damian Lillard, I wouldn’t bet on LA’s stepchild.

This may sound like I’m hating, and about 75% of that is probably true, but the other quarter is motivated by self-preservation. Do you know how many media members looked like complete idiots betting on Aaron Rodgers this season? Countless. (The worst was probably Mike Greenberg and his Jets surveillance party, which turned into a reenactment of his most traumatic childhood sports memories, but still, countless media members.)

I don’t care about Ty Lue’s rotations, Harden’s commitment to the game of basketball, Kawhi Leonard’s resurgence, or whatever Paul George is doing well – the likelihood that any of these stars will be healthy and happy come April far outweighs the possibility of it actually coming to fruition. This is a Clippers‘ postseason run to an NBA title.

With a 21-12 record, Los Angeles is doing what any team with this talent should do. The Sixers were 26 games over .500 a year ago, had the league MVP, and Harden’s juju seeped through like a burnt roux in a pot of gumbo. Philly once again exited in the second round. And we’re going to mix in the Beard’s flameouts with a franchise as incompetent and unlucky as the Clippers?

I may wish well for Billy Crystal and everyone attending Clippers‘ games in blue and red, but that’s not the point here. It’s a warning to other sports journalists and prognosticators to think twice, thrice, or a hundred times before putting their faith in the Easter Bunny on the internet.

If I’ve learned anything about this job, it’s that people only remember your predictions when they’re absolutely terrible. Well, that, and if you’re anonymous enough, nobody really reads or remembers anything. I could make the most wrong prediction of all time, no editorial errors, and the only people who could say anything are my colleagues, and the likelihood of that happening is 10:1.

So I guess this article was all about taking shots at the Los Angeles Clippers after all. Well, good job, onto the next take.

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