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Hub City Spartanburgers enthüllen neuen Namen und neue Marke – SportsLogos.Net News

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Recently unveiled in the world of Minor League Baseball branding are the Hub City Spartanburgers, introduced just yesterday. The Single-A affiliate of the Texas Rangers, formerly based in Kinston, North Carolina, will now play in Spartanburg, South Carolina. The city of Spartanburg earned the nickname „Hub City“ due to its historical significance as a trading and industrial center, particularly because it hosted seven railway lines that radiated from the city like spokes of a wheel.

The team is reviving the moniker of a one-year wonder, a college-level franchise called simply Spartanburgers that played in the Coastal Plain League in 2021.

The logo designed by Dan Simon of Studio Simon for the new Spartanburgers team features an unnamed hamburger character, along with an anthropomorphized slice of cucumber and a spatula named Chip and Flip. The name Spartanburgers is a compound word, although it is broken down and stacked in the main logo.

Similar to many Minor League Baseball team mascots, the burger character plays multiple roles. In various versions of the logo, he wears a locomotive engineer’s hat as a tribute to the railway industry, a cowboy hat in homage to the team’s parent club, and a baseball cap because that’s the name of the game.

Neon arrows and the typographic style of the brand evoke signage found in establishments serving up a hamburger—or even a Spartanburger.

„Burger joints, diners, and drive-ins are famous for their hamburgers, like the iconic Beacon Drive-in in Spartanburg,“ said Simon, referring to a local landmark restaurant. „The typography should evoke the distinctive elements of the signs you see in these types of restaurants.“

A „Hub City“ script is accentuated by a railroad track, with the city’s „C“ resting atop the engineer’s cap.

An unusual element of this brand, particularly for a Studio Simon brand, is its use of multiple colors. The decision to have a six-color logo was somewhat a matter of taste.

„We discussed whether we could break the unwritten four-color rule,“ said Simon. „Every time we took out the lettuce, tomato, cheese, or another color for the bun, it felt incomplete. We concluded that it looks and tastes best by adding the lettuce, tomato, and cheese. We decided damn it, the tomatoes…“

When the Down East Wood Ducks of the Carolina League move to Spartanburg for the 2025 season, they will be the first affiliated Minor League Baseball team to play there in three decades.

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