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Hoffentlich endet der Caitlin-Clark-Effekt nicht mit Caitlin Clark

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The buzz around Caitlin Clark overshadowing Pete Maravich’s record on Sunday was enough to bring celebrities to Iowa City for the occasion. I’m not talking about Travis Scott. Jake from State Farm may be the athletic Forrest Gump, but celebrities are entering college arenas to bother the TV insurance salesman and neglect Maya Moore, like Scott did on Sunday, says something about the culture. If Jake from State Farm, of all people, has such a cultural crossover, the Caitlin Clark effect will definitely travel to the WNBA as well.

But as she goes to the WNBA, fans need to maintain that energy for contemporary peers and legends who came before her. Hopefully, casual fans will be inspired to explore more than just Clark. As my astute colleague Stephen Knox aptly put it: „Jake From State Farm is on TV all the time. All Maya Moore did was leave her Hall of Fame career based on a religious principle in the style of Muhammad Ali to fight injustice in the American penal system.“

You wouldn’t pass by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar to ask Flo from Progressive how the rest of the insurance family is doing. However, we have become accustomed to showcasing our ignorance as a country. Television and social media have so poisoned our society that we consider Dwayne Johnson as a presidential candidate normal. Hoops fans feel more comfortable expressing that they don’t know who the WNBA stars are as a sign of disrespect, signaling how little they care.

It’s regrettable that Jake has more influence than a woman who was a four-time WNBA champion, Finals MVP, Rookie of the Year, and won two national titles by the age of thirty. Before Clark broke Maravich’s record, Moore spoke about Clark’s impact on the increased visibility of women’s basketball.

„I get recognition for all the wonderful things these athletes do on the court. That’s all we’ve asked for,“ Moore said on ESPN College Gameday. „Give us the chance to be seen, and you’ll like what you see.“

The casual fan may not know who Moore is. Unlike Clark’s newfound fame, Moore’s college career ended when Twitter was still in its infancy. Her playing style may not have been as aesthetically pleasing as Clark’s, but her talents were timeless and her willingness to sacrifice ran even deeper. Moore left the WNBA in 2019 to focus on the ultimately successful effort to release Jonathan Irons, who was wrongly convicted and sentenced to 50 years in prison for a crime. But you won’t find that in the commercials.

Kelsey Plum didn’t quite grab our attention when she scored 57 points on Senior Day, becoming the Division I women’s basketball scoring leader in 2017. Moore didn’t either when she won national titles at UConn or led a WNBA dynasty with the Minnesota Lynx.

Armchair analysts, including Darren Rovell, who persist in believing that Clark is leaving money on the table by going pro, are coming out of the woodwork. More ignorance.

A lack of pathetic persistence makes you believe that the WNBA represents a financial step back for Clark, even though there is evidence that these zero sponsorships won’t dry up when she turns pro. The slight hostility between Angel Reese and Clark is exactly what fans supposedly want in the NBA. You’ll get that at the next level too.

Clark has been hailed as a cultural phenomenon. She will continue to be one even after the NCAA tournament. This includes being drafted as the number one pick by the Indiana Fever, who hold the top spot in the upcoming WNBA Draft. Jake from State Farm will grace the Fieldhouse in Indiana with his presence. Maybe Travis Scott will catch up there too, and hopefully he and the casual fan will know who Clark’s contemporaries are.

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