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Herz-Kreislauf-Chirurg und Michelin-Koch arbeiten zusammen, um „The Heart Surgeon's Cookbook“ zu erstellen.

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Unprecedented collaboration between an outstanding heart surgeon, a Michelin-starred chef, and a global provider of cardiovascular devices has led to the introduction of a unique, surgery-inspired recipe book designed to help surgeons transfer their skills from the operating room to the kitchen.

Cardiovascular surgeon and Michelin chef team up to create 'The Heart Surgeon's Cookbook'

Das Kochbuch für Herzchirurgen. Bildnachweis: Getinge

„The Heart Surgeon’s Cookbook“ is the brainchild of New York-based cardiovascular and thoracic surgeon Dr. Nirav Patel and Fredrik Berselius, a two Michelin-starred chef, owner of Aska restaurant in New York. They accepted the challenge presented by global medical technology provider Getinge to create a cookbook that not only honors the physical and mental dexterity of doctors and chefs but also serves as a unique training tool for heart surgeons at any stage of their career.

All nine recipes conceived and developed by Fredrik and Dr. Patel include at least one surgical technique familiar to surgeons, testing their skill in precise cutting, injecting into a small confined area, surgical suturing, anatomical preparation, and gentle handling and focus, among others.

Dr. Patel, who performs approximately 350 surgeries every year and enjoys cooking as a hobby, expressed that this was the first time he applied his surgical skills in the kitchen:

„A special cookbook for heart surgeons, aimed at skill training. I simply couldn’t say no. Skill leads to precision. Without precision, an operation is not effective. You must understand how important it is to be effortlessly nimble and precise. It’s not difficult to recognize the parallels to fine cuisine.“

Fredrik, originally from Stockholm but relocated to New York in 2000 to continue his career, added, „The most exciting challenge in this project was trying to look at food through the eyes of a surgeon. It was a phenomenal experience from start to finish. Initially, I pitched a few ideas on what we could do together. Then, we had a great conversation to improve the ideas from a craftsmanship perspective. I really enjoyed going through the dishes step by step, adapting, optimizing, and adding the tools used by surgeons.“

Dr. Patel shares that cooking at home helps him relax and distract himself from the operating room, while also helping him maintain his dexterity and concentration. He emphasizes that his surgeon colleagues and aspiring surgeons can use Getinge’s device to practice The Heart Surgeon’s Cookbook in a similar manner.

He stressed that despite his skill, he found cooking tasks challenging, including sewing the cabbage without tearing it or making string from leeks. He said all nine recipes provide „phenomenal training for your fingers and mind and all with a great attention to detail,“ adding:

„If I could summarize the collaboration, I would say that the connection is precision, attention to detail, preparation, and teamwork. I will definitely recommend practicing with the use of this book to my students. It’s a great way to relax, distract from the operating room, and at the same time be a surgeon and cook for family and friends.“

Carsten Blecker, Chief Commercial Officer at Getinge and a trained dentist, understands how important the craftsmanship and continuous practice of the latter are for any surgeon. Carsten adds, „The Heart Surgeon’s Cookbook honors the phenomenal skills of surgeons and is a great tool to put one’s skill into practice.“

The skill and precision of Dr. Patel and Chef Fredrik in developing and creating recipes for the cookbook are inspiring; we are making it available to surgeons around the world so that everyone can practice, have fun, and prepare refined dishes for family and friends.“

Carsten Blecker, Chief Commercial Officer, Getinge

The Heart Surgeon’s Cookbook includes recipes developed by Fredrik and Dr. Patel, such as:

  • Kingfish Rose with green gooseberry
  • Roasted quail with truffle and ramp
  • Venison and cabbage
  • Scallop and turnip in warm broth

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