Home Sport Helfen Sie uns, diesen zufälligen Titans-Fan aus der Ravens-Chiefs AFC Championship zu finden

Helfen Sie uns, diesen zufälligen Titans-Fan aus der Ravens-Chiefs AFC Championship zu finden

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First of all, let me say that I am completely against wearing a team jersey when that team is not even playing. For me, it’s an incredibly stupid move. You don’t have to show loyalty to a team that isn’t even participating in the game you’re attending. It’s like rocking a Great Gatsby costume at an 80s party. Just wear regular clothes if you’re not a fan of either team.

Can you feel it coming? Because here it comes…


The exception to the rule is the constant wearing of a Derrick Henry jersey. Just like this legend.

And we don’t say that just because we are The #1 Derrick Henry Fan Site on the Internet™. Okay, yes, we are. But still. We love this guy and respect his place in a pretty hostile environment. Especially considering that most people think Derrick Henry is a better running back than Lamar Jackson.

Now many Titans fans resent this guy just because he claps for the Ravens after a good game. „No true Titans fan would ever cheer for the Ravens!“ Which is definitely not wrong. But the Chiefs are also pretty lousy, so I’m willing to at least hear this guy out. I really want to know his story. So, let’s find him.

If you know any Titans fans in Baltimore or in hell, anyone in Baltimore, reach out to them. Help us out. It’s going to take a team effort. He’s our new Carmen San Diego. Where in the world is he? So please, ask around. Share this blog. Share our social posts about him. Do whatever it takes. I’ve seen Don’t F**k with Cats. The internet can literally do anything if we work together. So let’s do that. Let’s find this guy, talk to him, hear his story, and maybe send him a shirt.

And if you’re reading this and just happened to be wearing a King Henry jersey and an orange hat at an AFC Championship game featuring the Ravens against the Chiefs, then please contact us at:


We also welcome any tips and leads. We want to find this guy.

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