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Hat Iowa State Schilder aus Kansas State gestohlen?

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College football was the first to witness it. Now, college basketball could be the next to experience its own sign-stealing scandal.

During a post-game altercation between Iowa State coach TJ Otzelberger and Kansas State coach Jerome Tang, tensions arose. According to a report from The Wichita Eagle, Tang angrily pointed to the crowd, believing that the state of Iowa had sent team members into the crowd to steal signs from Kansas State’s bench.

Coaches from the state of Kansas assumed these crowd members were quickly relaying information via text messages to the Iowa State bench. Tang alerted the referees and tried to get the arena’s security to handle the situation at the end of a timeout in the second half. In the ESPN+ broadcast, the head coach of the state of Kansas was seen telling officials, „You have three people up there in the stands filming our huddle.“

After nothing was done, Tang tried to confront Otzelberger about it, resulting in a technical foul. The interaction ended with a tense exchange at the handshake line after the game.

Both coaches downplayed the altercation immediately following it.

„There’s a time for coaches to discuss things that need to remain that way,“ Otzelberger said. „So that’s where we’ll keep it.“

„Nothing happened,“ Tang said. „We talked about a situation that happened during the game and he said he would look into it. Then I thanked him and moved on. I love TJ. He’s doing a great job. What an incredible environment it was out there.“

Tang later added that he and Otzelberger „will resolve the other part of the issue.“ It is unclear if a formal complaint has been filed with the Big 12.

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