Home Sport Hat Dan Orlovsky recht damit, dass die Cowboys mittelmäßig sein wollen?

Hat Dan Orlovsky recht damit, dass die Cowboys mittelmäßig sein wollen?

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Former NFL quarterback, Dan Orlovsky, has emerged as one of the more insightful analysts for ESPN programs in recent years. Despite not having the most illustrious NFL career, he possesses a deep understanding of the game and can break it down in a way that resonates with viewers. Orlovsky took aim at Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys on Thursday morning, describing America’s Team as „mediocre.“

„The Cowboys don’t really want to be great. They want to be relevant, and they want to be mediocre.“ — Dan Orlovsky

Firstly, Orlovsky isn’t entirely wrong when it comes to Jones and the Cowboys striving to remain relevant. Even the term „mediocre“ (which may upset some when associated with certain average QBs) has been warranted at times when discussing Dallas. Being mediocre and wanting to be mediocre are two different things.

It’s hard to believe that these players are content with the status quo every Sunday. They aim to win but are hindered by certain factors that sometimes lie beyond their control. Jones is one of those factors, as emphasized by Orlovsky. Whenever you have to question whether the owner/general manager will make the right move (or any move at all), that’s a major issue.

This year’s increase in the salary cap is the largest in league history. Let’s see if Jones takes the necessary steps, such as signing another running back to complement Tony Pollard if he returns. One big name out there is Derrick Henry, although the likelihood of him staying in Tennessee is low.

Even if none of these backs pan out for Dallas, there are several other productive options available. Some of the alternative options that the Cowboys could consider include Saquon Barkley, Josh Jacobs, Austin Ekeler, and D’Andre Swift. Regardless of whether Pollard stays or goes, Jones should have numerous alternatives to pursue in free agency.

With Jerry, you never know. No one expects him to break the bank for a RB (again), as that’s not how the NFL operates nowadays, but improvements are needed at that position. Dallas rushed for the fewest yards as a team since 2020. That doesn’t look good in Pollard’s first year as the primary backfield option.

If one aspect of the Cowboys was mediocre in 2023, it was the running game. But this franchise will always remain relevant with Jones at the helm. That doesn’t mean they will be a championship-caliber team, but it does mean we will still be talking about them. Orlovsky’s rant about Dallas wanting to be „mediocre“ seems a bit skewed. Striving for mediocrity and actually desiring mediocrity are two different things. Sometimes, people (or entities) are just how they are. Certainly, Orlovsky didn’t intend to be below average in the NFL, but things happen.

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