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GLO24K GLO24K gehört zu den 10 innovativsten Hautpflegeunternehmen

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GLO24K has been recognized as one of the top 10 most innovative skincare companies of 2023. It was founded by two experienced skincare specialists who noticed the global fascination with 24-karat gold facial treatments, popularized by celebrities showcasing their luxurious spa experiences.

The founders of GLO24K realized that extravagant gold skincare treatments were typically only accessible to the wealthy, and thus, established the brand to make gold skincare accessible to everyone. Their goal is to make the benefits of gold-infused skincare available to a broader audience, not just those who can afford expensive beauty treatments.

For over two years, GLO24K collaborated with US laboratories to develop their exclusive skincare line „Unleash the Power of Gold.“ This line offers high-quality, affordable luxury and makes 24-karat gold skincare accessible to all. The US-made product line is suitable for all skin types and includes daily essentials and exclusive facelift treatments. GLO24K is enriched with anti-aging powerhouses like hyaluronic acid and vitamins A, C, and E, believing in the transformative potential of the best ingredients for radiant, age-defying results.

GLO24K’s philosophy focuses on appealing to those who prioritize their appearance and well-being, ensuring that the golden standard of skincare is no longer a luxury reserved for the elite. By bringing opulent skincare within reach, GLO24K invites everyone to unleash the power of gold and indulge in the beauty of affordable luxury, revolutionizing the skincare experience for all.

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