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Frontier League heißt New England Knockouts willkommen – SportsLogos.Net News

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The city of Brockton, Massachusetts, known as the „City of Champions“ due to its boxing heritage, will be home to a baseball team in the Frontier League that will celebrate this legacy. The New England Knockouts unveiled their nickname and logos in anticipation of the team’s debut season this spring.

The reveal of the new name came just months after the franchise announced as winners of a naming contest that they would be called the New England Chowdahheads. The news of this announcement was poorly received by fans, leading the team to opt for a different direction.

According to the team, the boxing gloves and belt pay tribute to boxing legends Marvelous Marvin Hagler and Rocky Marciano, both of whom were trained by Pat and Goody Petronelli of Brockton, iconic figures in the sport.

At the unveiling, the team released explanations for their design choices, including bold capital letters with rivets meant to evoke the South Coast’s industrial history, as well as a color palette with names derived from boxing terms: Jab, Hook, Overhand, Bell, and Canvas.

„In the heart of Brockton, where champions are made and legends are born, our new brand identity makes a bold statement and truly embodies our commitment to this city by embracing its ‚City of Champions‘ moniker,“ said Nick Desrosiers, Senior VP and General Manager of the New England Knockouts. „In introducing our brand, we wanted to do more than just unveil a logo. We are starting a new chapter in Brockton’s legacy and promise that the Knockouts will lead with the same fight, passion, and determination as those boxing legends who paved the way for us and others proud to call Brockton home.“

Alternative logos include a full-body bulldog characterizing the team’s „aggressive“ and „intimidating“ spirit. Another logo features the letters „KO“ for Knockout with a bell signaling the end of a boxing match. And finally, the team revealed a script logo honoring Brockton’s nickname, „The City of Champions.“

The Knockouts will play at Campanelli Stadium in Brockton, Massachusetts, with the first pitch on Friday, May 10, against the Ottawa Titans. The Frontier League is a partner league of Major League Baseball.

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