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Friday Faves 1.26 – Der Fitnessista

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Friends, happy Friday! The weekend is here. What are your plans? I’m taking my first Spenga class with a friend – I’ll report back! – and putting the finishing touches on the February Fit Team programming. New workouts coming on Sunday! If you want to give it a try, sign up here – the first 7 days are free. I’m also looking forward to teaching a barre class, attending Meg’s baby sprinkle (Kyle and Meg are expecting baby #3 in a month and a half!), and going on a family hike. Wishing you a fun and restful weekend. (Leftover lunch of chicken with artichokes and mushrooms, with radishes, broccoli, and homemade hummus) It’s time for the weekly Friday Faves party! Here, I share some of my favorite finds of the week and on the internet. I also love hearing about your favorites, so please share in the comments below! Friday Faves 1.26 Reading, watching, listening: Liv and I watched Mean Girls last weekend and I loved it. I had low expectations, but it exceeded them – I want to watch it again. SO proud to be at the top of this list! One of my absolute favorites. Tucson has some spots on this list! Don’t miss this week’s podcast episode about breast implant illness. What do you always pack for a trip? Fitness, health, and good food: The newest pair of Vivobarefoot’s (insert HTML tags here).

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