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FMC-Aktien rutschen ab, da sich Analysten auf die Aussicht auf schwächere Patientenzahlen konzentrieren

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(Reuters) – Despite positive quarterly results and higher projections for 2024, shares of Fresenius Medical Care fell 5% on Tuesday, with analysts highlighting a weak outlook for the patient volume of the German dialysis specialist.

On the other hand, US competitor Da Vita forecasted a better-than-expected outlook for 2024 last Tuesday, projecting a 1-2% increase in patient numbers throughout the year, while FMC aimed for a growth of 0.5-2%, according to Barclays analysts.

Barclays analysts noted that FMC’s patient numbers for October-December were slightly lower compared to the previous quarter due to missed treatments around Christmas.

FMC stated that missed treatments will be partially made up for in the first quarter. „We always anticipate the first quarter to be somewhat lower, but it will increase over the course of the year,“ said FMC CEO Helen Giza.

The company’s quarterly profits surpassed estimates, supported by cost reductions and a one-time payment of 175 million euros related to a legal settlement in the United States.

Regarding the impact of GLP-1 diabetes and weight loss medications on income, Giza stated that this could potentially bring more patients to FMC, as they provide cardiovascular protection.

While previous studies have shown that GLP-1 medications can slow the progression of chronic kidney disease, they have also extended overall survival, potentially keeping patients under FMC care for a longer period.

„We see that this medication trial is likely to delay the onset of end-stage kidney disease,“ she added.

Giza stated that only about 5% of FMC patients are taking GLP-1 medications, a number that is „very, very, very low.“

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(Reporting by Andrey Sychev and Chiara Holzhaeuser in Gdansk; Editing by Milla Nissi, Sherry Jacob-Phillips, David Evans, and Alexander Smith)

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