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Faktoren, die die Pflege beeinflussen können

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Many women are affected by breast cancer, but it is deadliest for non-Hispanic black women. When it comes to metastasized breast cancer, it is less likely for women of color to receive timely treatment that adheres to national guidelines. According to Dr. Grace Suh, Medical Director at the Northwestern Medicine Cancer Center Delnor, the lack of access to health education and regular medical care is a significant reason for this disparity. Medical centers are actively working to identify and address differences in breast cancer prevention, diagnosis, and treatment that are related to racial boundaries. Despite these efforts, there is still a significant gap in health equity awareness.

Experts convene to determine the best treatment for certain diseases, known as „Best Practices“ or „Standard Therapy.“ Systemic drug therapies are usually the first choice for metastasized breast cancer, also known as Stage IV or metastatic breast cancer. However, surgery and/or radiation therapy may be beneficial for some individuals. Treatment usually includes one or more of the following medications: Hormone therapy, Chemotherapy, Targeted therapy, Immunotherapy. The type of medication your doctor selects for you depends on the biology and causes of your cancer. They also consider the impact of treatment on your overall health and well-being.

Medical conditions can impact breast cancer treatment effectiveness. Treatment can shrink tumors, alleviate cancer-related symptoms, and help you live longer. However, these powerful medications have side effects that can be influenced by existing medical conditions. Cardiovascular risk factors, diabetes, autoimmune diseases, and other health issues can affect treatment plans. Barriers to care, physician bias, and fear of treatment also play a role in receiving optimal breast cancer care.

To advocate for the best breast cancer care, it is important to ask about treatment details, address personal barriers to treatment, and keep communication open with your healthcare team. Ensuring access to financial, emotional, and logistical support is crucial in receiving comprehensive care. By actively participating in your treatment decisions and communicating effectively with your healthcare team, you can work towards achieving the best outcomes in your breast cancer journey.

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