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Ex-Niner Jimmy Garoppolo wählt beim Super Bowl nicht den, den man erwarten würde

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Jimmy Garoppolo played a crucial role in the San Francisco 49ers‘ recent Super Bowl run, despite their loss to the Kansas City Chiefs. However, despite the hate he receives now and then, there was a time when Jimmy G was winning games for the Niners. Unfortunately, after their loss in Super Bowl LIV, it became painfully clear that Garoppolo was not the right fit for the team. When asked about Super Bowl LVIII, Garoppolo’s response did not earn him any fans among the place he once called home.

It’s clear that Garoppolo’s comments about the Chiefs‘ victory were not received well by the #bangbangninergang, who were once his supporters. However, during the Super Bowl week celebrations, it seemed like he wouldn’t mind continuing to play for San Francisco.

Former 49ers QB Jimmy Garoppolo talks about Kyle Shanahan, Trent Williams, Brock Purdy, and his ACL injury

The primary concern for 49ers fans is winning Super Bowl No. 6 for the franchise. Garoppolo’s remarks in an interview could be seen as him choosing not to take responsibility for his decisions that may have let down some of his former friends in the Bay Area, who were once his supporters.

If Garoppolo had completed that pass to Emmanuel Sanders four years ago, things might be very different today. However, the main issue that ended Garoppolo’s time with the Niners was his injuries. His lack of availability played a significant role in his downfall. Despite winning games for the team, especially in the postseason, his injuries became a major concern for the franchise.

Another point of discussion is Kyle Shanahan’s patience, or lack thereof. In a team ready for victory, there is limited time to lose trust in a quarterback. It seems that Shanahan finally found what he’s been looking for in Purdy, after losing faith in Garoppolo and not fully trusting Lance. Hence, Garoppolo’s time with the 49ers came to an end.

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