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Ex-NFL-CB verklagt ehemaligen HS-Trainer wegen sexuellen Übergriffs

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Former NFL cornerback Shareece Wright has publicly identified himself as one of the twelve individuals accusing a high school coach of sexually abusing them as minors at a Southern California high school.

Originally, Wright filed a lawsuit in September 2022 against the Colton Joint Unified School District and former coach Tiffany Strauss-Gordon along with six former classmates. The number of former students listed as plaintiffs has since doubled.

„The less it’s kept secret, the harder it is for it to continue,“ said Wright, now 36, in an episode of ESPN’s Outside the Lines.

The former NFL player who attended Colton High School in California from 2001 to 2005 told ESPN that he hopes his speaking out will ultimately „prevent other children from experiencing such things.“

Wright told ESPN and also claimed in the lawsuit that he first met Strauss, the daughter of his football coach Harold Strauss, during his first football season. At the time, Wright was 15 and Strauss-Gordon was 21. He alleges that the school’s sole sports coach increasingly flirted with him, favored him, and gave him a nickname. Wright claims that Strauss-Gordon inappropriately touched him in the training room throughout the remainder of his high school career and performed oral sex on him – something that he claims players and coaches jokingly referred to as the „Tiffany Treatment“ – and that after team meals, they had sex at her house multiple times.

‚There’s football, there’s the coach’s daughter, there’s a permissive school environment that allows playing. I mean, there’s some kind of perfect storm of sexual abuse that could easily be covered up,‘ said Wright’s attorney Morgan Stewart, who also represents eight other plaintiffs in the case, to ESPN.

Former teacher Vladimira Chavez reported to the police in 2011. She told Colton PD that she had heard students talking about Wright’s alleged sexual behavior and that she reported it to the principal in an interview in 2022.

According to OTL, Strauss-Gordon was suspended from duty but was hired at another school in the district the next day. In 2022, when Wright and his teammates filed the lawsuit, she was suspended without pay from her job as athletic director at another high school, according to OTL, and remains suspended.

‚Fundamentally, one must consider that allegations are just allegations,‘ said Strauss-Gordon’s attorney Daniel Kolodziej to ESPN. ‚I urgently ask the public to recognize that there may not necessarily be fire just because there is smoke.‘

‚Why file a lawsuit? For money,‘ Strauss-Gordon told the police in a video from August 2022, when an investigator asked why several allegations had been made.

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