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Evaluate gibt Übernahme von J+D Forecasting bekannt

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J+D Forecasting, a leading provider of forecasting solutions for the pharmaceutical industry, is delighted to officially announce the news of our acquisition by Evaluate, a respected member of the Norstella family. This monumental development, announced on January 10, 2024, marks a significant chapter in our company’s journey.

Amidst the dynamic pharmaceutical landscape characterized by legislative changes, regulatory shifts, geopolitical challenges, and patent expirations, the ability to accurately navigate uncertainties is crucial. J+D Forecasting recognizes the strategic importance of accurate market forecasts and is excited to collaborate with Evaluate.

The merging of Evaluate’s premier consensus forecasting and consulting expertise with J+D Forecasting’s specialized models and software, delivered through innovative cloud-based management and analytics solutions, promises an expansion of our capabilities. This partnership will deliver even more intelligent and consistent insights to our clients, fostering effective collaboration across the entire pharmaceutical industry.

David James, CEO and founder of J+D Forecasting, expressed optimism, stating, „The need for high-quality forecasts in the pharmaceutical and biotech space has never been greater. The union of two of the most respected forecast providers in the industry presents enormous opportunities for our clients. I look forward to working with the Evaluate team and Norstella to bring innovative solutions to the market.“

As we embark on this exciting journey as part of the Norstella family, J+D Forecasting remains committed to providing state-of-the-art forecasting solutions that will continue to shape the future of the pharmaceutical industry.

Mike Gallup, CEO of Norstella, said, „We are pleased to welcome the J+D Forecasting team to the Norstella family. Their expertise in developing tailored forecasting models and innovative, intuitive solutions will offer our clients an even broader spectrum of expertise and cutting-edge insights. The addition of these capabilities significantly enhances our ability to contribute to our mission of paving the way for life-saving therapies from pipeline to patient.“

About Evaluate

Since 1996, Evaluate, a company of Norstella, has been providing the life science industry with data, insights, and information to enable secure decision-making in high-value investments in treatments and markets. We enable our clients to embed our proprietary and industry-specific data into their workflows, tools, and processes, allowing them to work more effectively and efficiently. Learn more about Evaluate at www.evaluate.com

About Norstella

Comprised of several leading providers of pharmaceutical solutions – Citeline, Evaluate, MMIT, Panalgo, and The Dedham Group – Norstella is united by a common mission: to pave the way for life-saving therapies for patients and providers. Norstella provides comprehensive insights into the entire drug development lifecycle, leveraging unparalleled data, cutting-edge technology, and expert knowledge and consulting. For more information, visit Norstella.com

About J+D Forecasting

J+D collaborates with pharmaceutical forecasters, analysts, business insights managers, and marketing departments to provide cloud-based forecasting solutions and create effective forecasting models across the entire product lifecycle that meet the needs of all internal stakeholders, from global and regional teams to individual member organizations. They match the market’s complexity with innovative yet user-friendly technology based on the best pharmaceutical forecasting principles.

Their services and solutions are developed with the needs of the customers at the forefront – creating solutions tailored to specific business requirements. With their knowledge, experience, and passion for innovation, they instill confidence in pharmaceutical investment decisions and collectively shape the market with their customers. Learn more at jdforecasting.com

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