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Es ist Zeit, Jordan Love und den Packers ihre Blumen zu schenken

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The Wild Card Weekend in the NFL has come to an end, and while it wasn’t as exciting as expected, it did lead to some shocking moments. One of the biggest upsets happened in Dallas where the Packers dominated the Cowboys. While everyone focused on the embarrassment of the Cowboys, today we’re giving the Packers their due credit.

Currently, it feels like a coming-out party for Jordan Love. Alongside head coach Matt LaFleur, Green Bay’s offense completely disrupted the „praised“ Cowboys‘ defense from the first snap. The Cowboys‘ defense literally took a back seat throughout the game, as the Packers quickly took the lead.

If there were any doubts about Love in Wisconsin, they should be dispelled by now. He seemed unfazed and comfortable throughout the game, dismantling the Cowboys‘ defense and allowing Aaron Jones to dominate. It was swift and effective, with the Packers taking an early and commanding lead.

Green Bay increased their lead, then defensively held their ground. Even as the Cowboys tried to make a comeback in the second half, the Packers never lost momentum. They could have easily scored even more, making the situation worse for Dallas.

The victory of the Packers in the Wild Card round is not the most shocking event in history. At least there was some drama built up in this game, even if the outcome seemed inevitable.

It’s All About Love

Don’t be deceived by the final score or the stats. All 32 points and everything else the Cowboys achieved offensively were „hollow calories,“ to quote Shannon Sharpe. The 48-32 score did not reflect the game’s flow, and it’s likely the most efficient 48 points ever scored. Love passed the ball only 21 times, while Jones ran it 21 times, both scoring three touchdowns each. In contrast, due to the early deficit, Prescott attempted a total of 60 passes.

What the Packers accomplished in Love’s first year as a starter is probably LaFleur’s greatest coaching success. Winning games is much easier when you have a guaranteed future Hall of Famer who is still winning MVPs. After the Wild Card Weekend, the future looks bright for the Cheese State.

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