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Es gibt keine Garantie, dass Kirk Cousins ​​ein Wikinger bleibt

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Kirk Cousins has built a nice career since entering the NFL in 2012. The former fourth-round pick was drafted to the same team as one of the greatest talents of his class, Robert Griffin III. After Griffin’s hype waned, Cousins took over and even earned a Pro Bowl selection in 2016 for Washington. From there, he moved on to Minnesota where he had his contracts fully guaranteed for the last six years. However, recent reports suggest that the Vikings have had enough of Cousins‘ fully guaranteed deals.

This is not bad for the 102nd pick in his draft, a player most thought would rarely, if ever, see live action on Sundays. The contracts Cousins could secure in Minnesota are highly coveted in a league that traditionally offers little to no guarantees.

Having suffered an Achilles tendon injury that limited him to eight games, the Vikings are reportedly saying no to another fully guaranteed contract. Regardless of how well Cousins performed during his time in Minnesota, it’s prudent for the organization to proceed with caution. Recovering from this injury is difficult for anyone, let alone a 35-year-old quarterback.

While Cousins has been really good and sometimes even great over the past six years, when compared to his peers in the league, Dak Prescott’s name frequently comes up. In terms of on-field performance and how far they could lead their respective franchises, there are many similarities. This comparison alone is a double-edged sword.

Cousins is 1-3 in the playoffs (with Washington and Minnesota) while Prescott stands at 2-5. Though not exactly a tie, the results have often been lackluster in the playoffs. So, it’s justified that the Vikings are not immediately committing to another guaranteed deal with Cousins. Despite his accomplishments, he has not taken them beyond the second round.

The Vikings‘ last appearance on championship weekend was a year before Cousins‘ arrival, with Case Keenum taking snaps in the middle. No one is saying that Keenum is a better or more accomplished QB than Cousins, but he put up an 11-3 record as a starter that year in Minnesota. It was the definition of a flash in the pan, but Keenum helped the Vikings get just one win away from the Super Bowl.

Mr. Cousins has done a lot, but hasn’t been able to replicate it over the past six years. There’s still time to figure things out, but it feels like this relationship has run its course. Even if Minnesota wants to keep Cousins outside of his usual fully guaranteed contract, they are likely not willing to pay him what he expects. If Cousins expects to break the bank after an Achilles tendon injury, he will be in for a rude awakening.

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