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Erstaunliche Vorteile der Eis-Gesichtsbehandlung

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My friend Lauryn Bosstick, host of The Skinny Confidential, is writing a guest post today! She is an expert in skincare routines and a huge fan of ice facial treatments (the topic of her post today). Today, she reveals her tips for glowing skin!

I am thrilled to be writing a guest post on Wellness Mama today. From the blog to the Wellnesse product line to Katie herself, I have been a fan for years. Katie has been an incredible resource for health and wellness topics for quite some time.

My Story

Anyway, today I am here to talk about the benefits of using ice on your face. My name is Lauryn Bosstick, and I am the creator, founder, author, and podcast co-host of The Skinny Confidential.

A few years ago, we launched a product line of pink, preventative beauty tools that seamlessly integrate into your daily routine. The very first product we released was The Skinny Confidential Ice Roller and it remains one of our bestsellers to this day.

It all started when I had double jaw surgery and went through a terrible healing process. The recovery took twice as long as I expected. I was swollen, looking like Sloth from „The Goonies,“ and if I’m honest, in a bit of an identity crisis. When I say I tried everything to speed up the healing process and reduce the swelling, I mean EVERYTHING.

What worked best for me was ice rolling. I would buy those cheap little ice rollers on Amazon over and over again. Why? Because they would break and not stay cold for long at all.

Ice rolling worked for me. Applying the ice roller instantly calmed the swelling and redness, and felt so good. Also, through a gentle massage, it helped drain my lymph nodes, reduce swelling, and assist in restoring my jaw area.

A few years later, the team and I introduced our own ice roller to the market, the Rolls Royce of ice rollers. Think of a large silicone grip, an aluminum roller that stays cold for a long time, a thumbprint for ultimate control, and something that lasts and doesn’t break after a few weeks. Plus, like all TSC skincare products, it’s pretty and pink and should be displayed on your vanity.

Now, onto the benefits of icing the skin and applying cold temperatures to the face.

Benefits of Ice Facial for Your Face

Reduces Inflammation and Puffiness

Ice is a natural anti-inflammatory that reduces swelling and alleviates skin conditions. So, apply some ice to your face and say goodbye to the angry redness of your pimples, rashes, blemishes, and/or irritations.

Minimizes the Appearance of Pores

We all want to have baby-soft skin. Ice can help minimize the appearance of pores by constricting blood vessels and locking in the products you use. So, apply some ice to your face to get one step closer to a super smooth complexion.

Soothes and Calms Sensitive Skin

If you have sensitive skin, ice facial treatments are a great way to calm and soothe your skin by reducing redness, inflammation, and swelling. It’s also an excellent way to keep breakouts at bay for people with eczema or rosacea, as it improves blood circulation and skin health.

It is also said that applying ice therapy twice a day for 20 minutes over a period of 6 weeks can increase the thickness of your skin by up to 32%. Rubbing ice on your face promotes blood circulation, which supports skin health and helps reverse the aging process.

Helps Makeup Last Longer

Ice helps keep the skin fresh and acts as a moisturizer, which is a great help in preparing your skin cells for makeup application. This allows for better product application, and better application means your makeup lasts longer.

Reduces the Look of Undereye Bags

Applying ice to the area under your eyes can help reduce puffiness and dark circles, giving the appearance of fewer undereye bags. Get ready to reduce puffy eyes and look like you’ve had a full 8 hours of sleep, even if you’ve only had 5 hours.

Gives an Instant Facelift

Who needs a facelift when you have ice? Ice can provide an instant facelift by tightening and firming the skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Much better than spending money at the dermatologist on things like retinol and peels that may have unwanted side effects. So, forget about spending thousands of dollars on plastic surgery and grab some ice instead.

How to Use The Skinny Confidential Ice Roller for an Ice Facial:

  • Store your roller in the refrigerator or freezer, depending on your preference.
  • If you opt for the freezer, roll it around your wrist about eight times before applying it to your face (we want to make sure it’s not too cold).
  • Roll upwards and outwards on your face, then downwards on the sides of your neck to drain the lymph.
  • Repeat as often as you like.

Personally, I roll ice as soon as I wake up. Well, almost. First, I scrape my tongue with the copper tongue scraper from Wellnesse, THEN I roll ice. I also do it before my skincare and makeup routine.


  • Use a hotel ice bucket to keep your roller cold while traveling (the wine bucket at the beach club works well too, LOL).
  • Store your roller in our carrying case to keep it free from bacteria and frozen peas from your freezer.
  • After a tough workout, you can alleviate muscle soreness with ice rolling.
  • To clean your roller, use a mild detergent and a soft, damp cloth. Lather and wipe. Let it air dry on your counter.

And if you don’t feel like using a roller, just grab an ice cube and get to work on your face. You can also fill a bowl with water and ice for a refreshing ice water facial. It all works.

Experience the Benefits of Ice Facial Yourself!

I hope this post sparks your interest in cryotherapy for your face if you haven’t already been interested in it. Be sure to listen to Katie’s episode on the HIM & HER Show and check out her guest post on The Skinny Confidential.

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