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Erschließung der Entscheidungsgeheimnisse des Gehirns für zukünftige Erkenntnisse

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Researchers at the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis have gained new insights into the mental processes underlying decision-making when it comes to obtaining information about the future.
They have identified a series of mental rules that govern decision-making about physical and cognitive rewards, including the satisfaction of curiosity and have identified the part of the brain that regulates this type of decision-making. The process occurs in the lateral habenula, an ancient brain structure shared by distant species such as humans and fish.

The study, published in Nature Neuroscience, sheds light on the brain’s most mysterious organ and could help people struggling with difficult decisions, due to the inherent complexity of certain decisions or mental illnesses affecting decision-making such as OCD, anxiety, and depression.

„It is really important to identify the circuits involved in the valuation of cognitive rewards, such as information about the future, as this kind of evaluation often fails in mental disorders. If we can precisely understand which part of the decision-making process is malfunctioning in an individual, we may be able to effectively treat some mental illnesses,“ said Ilya Monosov, PhD, lead author, and professor of neuroscience at the Washington University.

Source: Medical Faculty of the Washington University

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