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Erie SeaWolves enthüllen Fauxback-Alternativen – SportsLogos.Net News

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The Double-A Erie SeaWolves unveiled an alternative retro-style brand that imagines what the team’s branding would have looked like if the team had existed in the early 20th century. The logo series features a cartoon wolf reminiscent of the heyday of newspaper comics.

The brand answers a simple question:

„The SeaWolves‘ inaugural season was in 1995,“ said designer Dan Simon of Studio Simon, the firm responsible for the logo, „but if they had been founded years earlier, say in the 40s, 50s, or 60s, what would their branding have looked like?“

The team will wear the vintage brand during home games on Sundays, which it calls „Fauxback Fun Days.“ The games will include vintage organ music, retro scoreboard graphics, and in-game entertainment that evokes the atmosphere of classic baseball.

The SeaWolves, a Detroit Tigers affiliate, will play their first Fauxback Fun Day game on Sunday, April 12.

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