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Ep216: Die 3 größten Denkblockaden, die Sie am Abnehmen hindern

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In this episode, Tina addresses the three most common mental blocks that hinder weight loss in women during perimenopause. She highlights a range of psychological barriers that may be preventing you from achieving your health goals and explores strategies to overcome them. Get ready to shift your mindset and take control of your journey to becoming a healthier and happier person!

Tina discusses the following:

  • Why your mindset is crucial for weight loss
  • How diet culture inherently makes us feel bad
  • Why diet programs and meal plans are set up for failure
  • Examples of all-or-nothing thinking
  • Why too much can sabotage your results
  • What to do if you’ve failed in the past

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Contact Tina Haupert:
Facebook: Carrots ‚N‘ Cake
Instagram: Carrots ‚N‘ Cake
YouTube: Tina Haupert
Pinterest: Carrots ‚N‘ Cake Hormone Testing and Nutrition Coaching

About Tina Haupert:

Tina Haupert is the owner of Carrots ‚N‘ Cake, as well as a certified nutrition coach and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P).

Tina and her team utilize functional testing and a personalized nutrition approach to help women find balance in their diet while achieving their body composition goals.

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