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Endlich stellt sich jemand gegen den Sportmoloch von Vegas

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A teacher’s union from Nevada does not believe that $380 million in public funds that could be invested in education should be used to finance the new home of the Las Vegas A’s, and they are suing to prevent it.

Back in June 2023, Nevada lawmakers voted on a bill that would flood the planned A’s stadium in Las Vegas with $380 million in taxpayer money. To sell the deal, proponents of the funding hired „a small army of lobbyists,“ according to The Nevada Independent. However, the state’s teachers‘ union has filed a lawsuit arguing that the stadium funding bill is unconstitutional and calls for a public vote on the stadium financing laws instead of leaving the decision up to lawmakers.

It’s important to note that in 2016, Nevada lawmakers approved $750 million in public funds for the Raiders‘ Allegiant Stadium. Currently, Nevada ranks poorly in terms of education funding and quality, leading the state’s teachers to question priorities.

Considering the significant taxpayer investments in sports stadiums and their lack of meaningful economic impact, groups are starting to question the flow of public funds into the pockets of billionaires. Economists have pointed out that cities investing in professional sports stadiums do not see the returns they expect, and taxpayers may even incur a financial loss in the deal.

In the face of all this, it’s unfair that teachers have to fight over how Nevada spends its money given the challenges they’ve faced in recent years. But state residents should be grateful that someone is looking out for their children’s education, as it appears the Nevada lawmakers are not prioritizing it.

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