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Eine preisgünstige Bioprozesskontrollstation

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For over 48 years, Distek, Inc. has been a leader in pharmaceutical laboratory instruments. Proudly presenting the BIOne 250 Bioprocess Controller, designed for microbial applications, this latest model is a process-optimized design of our proven BIOne 1250 table bioreactor system, providing an accessible solution to meet the diverse requirements of advanced microbial bioprocessing.

This new member of Distek’s bioprocess instrument family is designed as a cost-effective solution for microbial bioprocess applications. Building on the success of the award-winning BIOne 1250 controller design, the BIOne 250 offers sophisticated functionality for laboratories and research facilities of any size.

The controller retains the popular user interface of the BIOne 1250 via remote PC or monitor, supporting the management of multiple bioreactors through a single central screen.

One outstanding feature of the BIOne 250 is its scalability, addressing the changing requirements of bioprocess applications, making it suitable for scale-down modeling, material generation, and process optimization. Researchers can rely on the controller’s reliability and precision to ensure consistent and accurate results throughout their experiments. Additionally, the BIOne 250 seamlessly integrates into Distek’s existing product line and offers compatibility with a range of bioprocess devices.

The budget-friendly price of the BIOne 250 makes advanced bioprocess control accessible without sacrificing functionality and quality, enabling scientists to achieve powerful results at an affordable price.

Distek remains dedicated to delivering innovative solutions for the bioprocessing industry, and the BIOne 250 bioprocess control station is evidence of our commitment to continuous improvement and excellence.

For more information or to schedule a personal or virtual demonstration, please contact our BIOne team at [email protected].


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