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Eine früh einsetzende Herzinsuffizienz erhöht das Risiko einer Gesamtmortalität erheblich

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Announcement of a new article publication for the Cardiovascular Innovations and Applications journal. The aim of this study was to examine the associations between age at onset of heart failure and overall mortality.

The study examined 186,249 patients treated in hospitals of the Kailuan Group between 2006 and 2018, who underwent medical examinations. Health assessments were conducted every two years, and by December 31, 2020, 4022 cases of heart failure were identified. Four control participants were randomly selected for each patient with incident heart failure, matched by age (within ±1 year) and gender. Hazard ratios of overall mortality in all age groups were calculated using Cox regression models.

The mean follow-up duration was 5.25 (2.65; 8.63) years. Overall mortality occurred in 1783 participants in the incident heart failure group and 2633 participants in the control group. A refined multivariable Cox regression analysis found that patients with heart failure under the age of 55 had the highest relative mortality risk, with an HR (95% CI) of 6.86 (4.42–10.64) compared to their respective controls. Furthermore, the relative mortality risk systematically decreased with increasing age at onset of heart failure: HR (95% CI) 4.70 (3.73–5.92) at ages 55–64, HR (95% CI) 3.23 (3.73–3.81) at ages 65–74, and HR (95% CI) 1.69 (1.48–1.94) at 75 or older.

Heart failure significantly increases the risk of overall mortality, and the risk is more pronounced the earlier the disease onset.


Journal Reference:

Li, W., et al. (2024) Associations between age of heart failure onset and overall mortality: The Kailuan study. Cardiovascular Innovations and Applications. doi.org/10.15212/CVIA.2023.0085.

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