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Ehemalige Pac-12-Teams müssen möglicherweise immer noch in Pac-12-Bowls spielen

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The Pac-12 may have disappeared, but it will not be forgotten during the bowl season. According to Brett McMurphy of Action Network, the ten schools that have left the Pac-12 this season will continue to participate in Pac-12 affiliated bowl games instead of joining the bowl games of their new conference.

Contracts between conferences and bowls will not expire until the 2025 season. As a result, with Oregon State and Washington State being the only two remaining Pac-12 schools in 2024, the six Pac-12 bowl affiliations cannot be fulfilled without the participation of the old schools.

In 2023, the realignment of the conference led to an almost complete dismantling of the Pac-12. USC and UCLA negotiated an agreement to depart for the Big Ten, shortly followed by Oregon and Washington. Arizona, Arizona State, Utah, and Colorado all moved to the Big 12, while Stanford and Cal headed to the ACC.

The easiest solution at present would be to fill the remaining positions with the ten disappeared schools.

„Of a number of not-so-great options, the most feasible–apart from blowing up the bowl system and (35 non-playoff) bowl contracts–is to send former Pac-12 schools to two Pac-12 bowls for two more years,“ said an anonymous source to Action Network.

However, some stakeholders are not thrilled with the idea. Involving multiple conferences likely means that bowl selection for them cannot be determined as usual by conference records. An alternative solution could be to allow the bowls to choose their participating Pac-12 team, allowing a bowl to select a 7-5 team instead of a 10-2 team. Current bowl contracts with conferences forbid teams from skipping over teams with at least two fewer wins.

The remaining bowl members of the Pac-12 are Alamo, Holiday, Las Vegas, Sun, and Los Angeles for the next two years, in addition to the Independence Bowl in 2024 and an ESPN-affiliated bowl in 2025.

Most of these bowls feature Power Five conferences that just former Pac-12 teams attended, further complicating bowl planning. The Holiday and Sun Bowls each feature ACC teams against the Pac-12, meaning their planners likely do not want Cal or Stanford as Pac-12 representatives. In the Las Vegas Bowl 2025, it is against the Big Ten, in which USC, UCLA, Oregon, or Washington are likely not represented in the Pac-12 slot.

The Alamo Bowl–a Pac-12 versus Big 12 matchup–is particularly unique from a matchup perspective. The uncertainty about the Pac-12’s bowl status has led the officials of the Alamo Bowl to want to lock in Oklahoma and Texas as representatives of the Big 12 for the 2024 and 2025 seasons, as reported by Action Network. The only problem is that both teams have recently left the Big 12 for the SEC. Both the SEC and the Big 12 currently reject this proposal, but there is a slim chance that there are conference expats on both sides. Unfortunately, fans are deprived of the chance to see an All-Big-Ten Rose Bowl, as the game is now part of the College Football Playoffs.

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