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Durchgesickert! 2024 NHL All-Star Game-Trikots – SportsLogos.Net News

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Before their official unveiling by the league, the jerseys for the NHL All-Star Game 2024 in Toronto were leaked on the Adidas online shop.

Here’s a brief look at the four jerseys:

Yes, this is definitely something.

The four jerseys all share the same design but each has a unique base color. They feature a large black-gold NHL shield on a even larger gold-black star on the chest. The NHL logo features four smaller stars. Adidas stripes run from the upper arm to the cuff on the sleeves, briefly continuing towards the shoulders allowing for player numbers to break the three stripes. Two additional yellow stars are placed on the Adidas-style stripes on each sleeve. No stripes around the waist.

At the collar, we see the NHL crest with no collar stripes or embellishments. Closer examination of the inner collar reveals the Drew House logo from Justin Bieber’s fashion line.

There you have it. Everything suddenly makes sense.

Although the NHL has abolished divisions for this year’s game, each jersey is listed with a division – presumably the plan before the league switched to the player draft format. The red jersey is labeled Pacific Division, Yellow is Central, Blue is Atlantic, and White is Metropolitan. It’s entirely possible that we will have a captain from each division in the end, hence the colors. Just my speculation.

Note: This is a developing story. It just happened. There will be much more to come in a few moments so please check back shortly for further updates. Thank you!

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