Home Sport Die UFC-Karte der NBA wurde am Freitagabend geladen: Butler erstickte, Schläge flogen

Die UFC-Karte der NBA wurde am Freitagabend geladen: Butler erstickte, Schläge flogen

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Im Februar wurde die NBA mit einigen überraschenden Spielen belebt. Die Miami Heat spielten körperlich gegen Zion Williamson, was zu vier Auswürfen führte. Später kam es zu einem Zeitverlust im Spiel zwischen den Charlotte Hornets und den Golden State Warriors, der zu einem Austausch von Höflichkeiten zwischen den Spielern führte, wobei sogar Draymond Green ermahnte.

Das Spiel zwischen Heat und Pelicans war besonders interessant, da Jimmy Butler immer für Spaß auf dem Platz sorgt.

Check out the latest highlights from the game:

Next, in the late game card, Miles Bridges and Grant Williams expressed their frustration when Lester Quinones scored instead of running down the shot clock with the game in hand.

A look at the tense moment on the court:

Here is a haiku from Green for some emergency meditation:

“I really don’t understand why people get so angry when someone scores at the end of a game. It’s like this silly, unofficial, unwritten rule,” said Green, admitting he considers Bridges like a little brother. ”If you were winning by 13, would you get mad if he put the ball up? I doubt it. So it’s kind of being a sore loser.“

Here is a wise word from the most gracious winner in the NBA. Well said, Kap. Just, um, weren’t you suspended earlier this season for putting Rudy Gobert to sleep with a chokehold?

Watch the game highlights:

Looking for a little entertainment amidst all the near-violence? Malaki Branham stepping up the game.

See how the action unfolded:

Whether it’s sad or not, NBA players have surely provided some adrenaline-filled moments in the wee hours of the night. Now, let’s discuss Damian Lillard saving the reputation of coaches since 2012.

Watch the video here:

Lastly, Dame Time was the Steph Curry Night Night before the actual Steph Curry Night Night.

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