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Die Tat der Chiefs wird so alt; Kein Supe für Al Michaels; Tommy DeVitos dumme Situation mit den Giants

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God, I’m fed up with the Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs‘ performance has fallen behind in recent years.

Full disclosure: I have never been a fan of the Kansas City Chiefs. Sure, they were once America’s greatest team, with a young and exciting generational talent at the helm and a head coach who never had to answer for anything because he wears Hawaiian shirts, has a fun mustache, and had trouble with masking. Sure, it was impossible to get through a Sunday without seeing Patrick Mahomes or Travis Kelce several times in every commercial break, but I survived the discount control era of Aaron Rodgers, so I thought I could survive this too. – Julie DiCaro Read more

Tommy DeVito, Daniel Jones, and the foolishness of the New York Giants‘ QB room. Tommy DeVito, the NFL version of Linsanity.

Of all the silly ways the first year of Daniel Jones‘ four-year, $160 million contract could have played out, this is perhaps the dumbest. Not only did he go for the year after two touchdowns and six picks in five and a half starts, but the team’s third-string quarterback also took over the fan base and perhaps the locker room. – Sean Beckwith Read more

For Patrick Mahomes, his Donovan McNabb era begins.

The Kansas City Chiefs can point to a whole host of issues behind their offensive problems, including Matt Nagy’s acting performance, but their rapid disarmament in the last two years has hit them where it hurts. If you’re looking for a scapegoat for Kansas City’s offensive downturn, falling out of the top 10 in scoring for the first time since 2016, then their wideouts have been caught holding the bloody knife over the body of the Super Bowl champions. Patrick Mahomes, the king of the tight spiral, has discovered this season that he too is subject to the whims of his wideouts. For the second time in a matter of weeks, a Chiefs receiver has become the main Twitter protagonist of the NFL after slaughtering a wondrous game from Mahomes on national television. – DJ Dunson Read more

Al Michaels is out of the NFL conversation due to nepotism baby.

After 17 years of legendary calls, Al Michaels has officially been excluded from NBC’s NFL coverage. According to the New York Post, Michaels has been excluded from NBC’s NFL playoff coverage. – Cale Clinton Read more

Joe Flacco does something no one thought possible

There is a whole mess of teams with 7-6 records in the AFC. One of those teams is not the Cleveland Browns. Joe Flacco jumped in as starting quarterback for the injured Deshaun Watson and Dorian Thompson-Robinson. Although Thompson-Robinson is now healthy, head coach Kevin Stefanski has named Flacco the starter for the rest of the season. – Stephen Knox Read more

Florida officials won’t let the FSU playoffs snub slide

The Florida State playoffs snub saga continues. Ashley Moody, Florida’s attorney general, officially began investigating the college football playoffs on Tuesday. It’s an antitrust investigation that will examine anything that could have an anticompetitive effect. – Mackenzie Meaney Read more

What the Vikings and Raiders did on Sunday was so bad, it was epic

This was a mess from beginning to end. The pace of the NFL Sunday slowed in the late window. Normally, three or four games start between 4 p.m. and 4:25 p.m. EST. One of them is a featured matchup Kansas City Chiefs vs. Buffalo Bills, with all the brilliant throws and the uproar about a wide receiver rightfully marked for a lineup with half his foot over the line of scrimmage. – Stephen Knox Read more

The ban on „hip-drop“ tackles next season will fundamentally change the NFL. And not for the better

Attacking another person is not easy. A good little league coach teaches step by step to put on the mouth guard, chest-to-chest contact, wrapping, holding a towel, and driving. However, a live ball carrier does not stand still. To combat fully equipped ball carriers sprinting, sliding, spinning, and shaking, coaches generally instruct players to do their best to keep the strike surface low, wrap up, and go outside. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell wants to add another reservation: slipping is not allowed. If a player falls off an opponent’s body and continues to play at a lower point, it is known as the infamous „hip-drop“ tackle. – Stephen Knox Read more

NFL officials were asked to influence games due to gambling: Former VP of Officiating

One of the biggest names in NFL officials revealed that there have been attempts to manipulate games for gambling purposes. Dean Blandino, current FOX Sports rule analyst and former NFL VP of Officiating, discussed how legalized sports gambling has affected today’s officials on the „Awful Announcements“ podcast. – Cale Clinton Read more

Suddenly, the Lions, Eagles, and Chiefs are staring at the panic button

The regular NFL season still has four weeks to go. I know what many of you are thinking: „Darn, I have to start buying Christmas gifts.“ Maybe I shouldn’t have spent this weekend in Las Vegas at the end of summer. Credit cards will be in high demand over the next few weeks, but this time of year also marks the last 400 meters of the regular NFL season schedule. – Stephen Knox Read more

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