Home Sport Die Prince Albert Raiders der WHL spielen im Januar als „Cobra Chickens“ – SportsLogos.Net News

Die Prince Albert Raiders der WHL spielen im Januar als „Cobra Chickens“ – SportsLogos.Net News

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To paraphrase Wayne from „Letterkenny“: If you have a problem with the Cobra Chickens, you have a problem with me – and I suggest you marinate on that.

The Prince Albert Raiders of the Western Hockey League announced on Thursday, December 14, that they will be renaming themselves the Prince Albert Cobra Chickens for a game in January 2024 – paying homage to a popular nickname for Canada geese.

The Raiders have only released a primary logo with the Thursday announcement, but it’s a doozy. Designed by former junior hockey player Taylor Vause, it features a Canada goose wearing skates and a green helmet, sticking out its tongue. The goose is in front of a golden wedge with a red outline carrying the text „COBRA CHICKENS“ above and around the goose’s wings.

Courtesy of Prince Albert Raiders

Alternative logos, jerseys, and merchandise items are likely to be released shortly before the game, which will take place on January 26 at the Art Hauser Center in Prince Albert against the Saskatoon Blades.

There’s nothing scarier than being chased by a Cobra Chicken, and these birds will be ready to strike at the end of next month to take on their biggest rivals from Saskatoon.

Prince Albert Raiders

Photo by Ken Billington / Wikipedia

„Cobra Chickens“ became a popular nickname for Canada geese thanks to a tweet by a Twitter user in 2018, @bibliophileq, who recounted a conversation with a colleague who experienced the birds‘ belligerent, territorial nature firsthand.

This isn’t the only sports logo news out of Prince Albert this week. Over the weekend, the Raiders revived what was meant to be a one-time jersey design from their 50th anniversary season of 2021–22 and incorporated it as an alternate jersey into their rotation.

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