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Die Philadelphia Flyers sind gut, könnten aber ein Feiertagswunder sein

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Over the past decade or so, the Flyers have been rather disorganized. There was never a clear direction. At times, they were decent, but far from good enough to achieve something significant. Other times, they were quite bad, even really bad, but never intentionally, as they focused on top selections and building a foundation. They simply oscillated between both ends of the spectrum and couldn’t move forward because they couldn’t find a door on either side, indicating that the team had a plan or goal. They were essentially like a traveler sitting at a random gate at the airport, looking like they’ve been there since last week. They just muddled through.

The funny thing is, the Flyers are now fun to watch, playing well, and the surprise team in the NHL, and yet it still might not be quite right. They may not have escaped their perplexing nature. But that’s a different story.

Anyway, the Flyers are currently second in the Metro Division, fifth in the Eastern Conference, in a season where they were generally predicted to be mediocre. And that’s by design, according to their own GM. They even hired John Tortorella, which basically screams a team that might perform decently but is willing to lose a lot of hockey games. Hiring a disciplinarian would never be considered forward-thinking. It’s usually just a lot of noise and bark.

However, they’re here. It would be easy to point out that Carter Hart has finally figured it out, further evidence that NHL teams have no clue how to develop a goalie, at least not those in North America. Hart, who is still only 25, has a 0.917 save percentage, the best of his career. But Hart has only held 2.3 goals above expectation, indicating that the Flyers‘ defense has been pretty good.

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