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Die Oakland A's wollen das Sydney Opera House bauen

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The A’s and John Fisher seem to have let three months slip by before revealing renderings for a baseball stadium that still looks more likely to be built in Narnia than in Vegas. The leaks that followed suggest:

In any case, this is the monstrosity the A’s want Las Vegas residents and fans of the other 29 (perhaps 31 if it goes that way until completion) teams to dream about, justifying a summer trip to Vegas. From the outside, it doesn’t look like a baseball stadium, and from the inside, hardly does either. And apparently, they’re not done killing thousands of birds with a huge window in a stadium.

The renderings lack interior lights, a minor oversight. That massive scoreboard on the right attached to the roof will leave many craning their necks uncomfortably after nine innings. The view over the left field wall wouldn’t look like that due to the stadium’s proximity to New York New York. If the park were oriented in that direction, with the third baseline heading directly west, there would be a portion of the schedule where the setting sun shines directly in the eyes of the catcher and batters. This is why the third baseline in almost every MLB stadium runs from north to south.

It all looks like a baseball stadium stuffed into a giant zeppelin. And remember, this is supposed to be the smallest park in the majors, in the smallest market, after Fisher turned down more money for a bigger park in a larger market in Oakland.

While in Vegas, where every building is meant to be an eyesore, one can get away with it, the chances of something being built as presented here seem slim. Another reminder that while the A’s finally managed to choose a design firm and get someone to start with the colored chalk, they still haven’t convinced anyone how they’re going to come up with the money needed, assuming they even get the Nevada money they require.

But remember, kids, it’s always important to dream big, especially when playing with other people’s money. In a city where the skyline of New York has a roller coaster and the pyramids of Egypt have a light visible from space, why not fill the Sydney Opera House with a baseball stadium? After all, nobody really likes opera, right?

Mbappe will still be Mbappe

If Kylian Mbappe indeed leaves PSG this time, and no one will believe it until he has one of those strange unveiling events at the Bernabeu in July, where 80,000 people show up to watch him juggle a ball for three minutes and take a few photos, then at least he’s trying to leave with style.

While coach Luis Enrique has been critical of Mbappe’s early game performances in Ligue 1 lately, nodding toward the future without naming him as justification, he didn’t do that in the Champions League second leg against Real Sociedad. And he was rewarded with:

Credit to Sociedad defender Igor Zubeldia for the first goal, not falling over when he was flung five feet out of position. As for the second, that’s too cool from any human angle.

And yes, the first goal was too strong for the goal:

PSG isn’t good enough to win the Champions League, but Mbappe might be, if he’s in the mood to leave the club with a parting gift that caters to all his desires, and still isn’t enough.

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