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Die NHL könnte vom neuen Playoff-Format der Frauen-Eishockeyliga lernen

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The PWHL has achieved a lot in just a few months since its establishment. Visitor records have been set, and it has bridged the gaps in women’s hockey that had formed. It has given a boost to women’s hockey below the international level, which was stuck in neutrality due to divisions between groups and leagues.

It is now the first league to opt for a playoff system that welcomes a bit of spice. The team finishing the regular season first can choose who they believe they are more likely to beat, making each series more personal.

The PWHL also implements a 3-2-1-0 points system where regular wins hold more value than OT or shootout wins, something sought after by NHL fans for a while.

Furthermore, the PWHL uses a reverse draft order system, aligning the number one draft pick with the team collecting the most points after being eliminated from playoff contention.

The league has a growing fan base and is innovating to attract more general hockey fans by offering familiar elements and addressing issues like tanking.

In a bold move, the PWHL stands out by trying new approaches, demonstrating a commitment to engaging all hockey fans.

The Latest CONCACAF Absurdities

In the realm of women’s sports, CONCACAF produced a bizarre scenario at the Women’s Gold Cup where a coin toss determined the fate of two teams with identical records.

Costa Rica won the toss, a reminder that life can sometimes be as random as a flip of a coin.

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