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Die NFL hat die Macht, zur Lösung des Waffenproblems unseres Landes beizutragen

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It is time for the NFL to take a stand against gun violence after this year’s Super Bowl was overshadowed by two shootings. The second shooting took place at the end of the Chiefs‘ Super Bowl parade in Kansas City on Wednesday. Some schools closed so students could attend the celebration, and among the 21 injured, nine were children who were shot, one fatally. Many details are still emerging, but this was another terrible American holiday.

It was Valentine’s Day, the sixth anniversary of the Parkland shooting. The first shooting occurred in Houston, when a woman entered a Joel Osteen church with an AR-15 rifle. Despite the tragic nature of this event, the press conference seemed to focus on the success of the response, rather than the fact that a child was fighting for his life in the hospital. This reflects the spectacle of American football and the horror of mass shootings.

Now, it’s time for the NFL to take a stance. While the league implements strict security measures at Super Bowl and other events, there are still many large gatherings around NFL games, and given the prevalence of guns in the country and the normalcy of these shootings, it could have an impact on how people gather at these events.

The NFL has the power to mobilize change. It must address the issue of gun violence, particularly since children are disproportionately affected. Local kids who watched the Chiefs celebrate their Super Bowl victory have joined the seemingly ever-growing army of traumatized children affected by gun violence.

„I am angry about what happened today. The people who came out to that celebration obviously expected a safe environment,“ said Stacey Graves, Kansas City Police Chief.

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