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Die New York Giants werden den Nummer-6-Pick definitiv vermasseln

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The New York Giants have a few months to decide how they will mess up their first-round pick. Reports indicate a deep quarterback draft with a handful of prospects flirting with franchise potential. With three to four teams in need of a QB ahead of the G-Men, Joe Schoen and Brian Daboll have the best position at number 6 to stay out of the fray.

To avoid having their future dictated, they must take action or at least create a plan in case the options land on Michael Penix too early or possibly too late. This presents an ideal opportunity for the coach-GM combo to capitalize on the chaos that will undoubtedly shroud the first five picks.

Unless Schoen has the resources to win Caleb Williams as the number 1 pick, which I believe he does not, New York will be forced to take whoever is available or trade for someone on the block. It’s almost – almost – an advantage to sit at number 6 and let other teams show their cards first.

If it’s just about getting Justin Fields for half the trade cost of Jayden Daniels, then so be it. In the grand scheme of immovable contracts, Daniel Jones is far from Russell Wilson. And with him likely sidelined for a large part of next season due to a knee injury, there will be no question about which team it is.

You know, whatever ACC voodoo they do with these pro quarterbacks is more than enough to mesmerize the Giants front office into Drake Maye. Among franchise entities devaluing college productions, New York ranks among the worst, so Maye will be a perfect Giant, especially if he falls to the same pick as Jones.

Honestly, Schoen should thoroughly evaluate Maye and JJ McCarthy, and then trade back to get Michael Penix at a fair price. I believe Maye is overrated, and McCarthy, despite his college record, is a relatively unknown man who has rarely been asked to do more than manage a game.

If the Bears take Williams or Arizona takes the QB, then Fields and potentially Kyler Murray are available. Both seem to fit better into Daboll’s offense than Maye or McCarthy. Perhaps the temptation to mold a relatively flawless lump of clay is too enticing for Schoen and Daboll, but there is a lot of hubris in following in your predecessor’s footsteps. Look at what the Coach of the Year did with Jones in his first season as a Play Caller.

He was able to unleash MVP potential in Buffalo’s Josh Allen, and I would love to see what he could do with Fields or Murray. The Penix selection is Plan B and, if executed correctly, could bring in one or two additional picks to give the young quarterback a head start.

The last thing New York can afford is to do nothing. There are too many in-demand talents available in this draft, and they have a valuable pick that cannot be squandered. Does this lead me to believe that Schoen will go for a receiver, offensive lineman, and edge rusher with his first three picks in some order? One hundred percent. Lock it in.

No backseat general does it quite like New York fans, and they have all sorts of opinions, none of which consider Danny Dimes as the quarterback of the future. My prediction for the Giants‘ first-round pick? Confusion followed by a flood of outrage.

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