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Die neue Regel für Kalorien pro Pfund Gewichtsverlust

von NFI Redaktion

To lose a pound of fat, you need to cut out only 10 or up to 55 calories per day, depending on whether you improve the quality of your food or restrict the quantity.

But if the 3,500 calorie per pound weight loss rule is nonsense, what’s the alternative? How many fewer calories do you need to consume, or how many more do you need to burn, to lose a pound of fat? That’s the topic of my video The New Calorie-Per-Pound Weight Loss Rule.

There are validated mathematical models taking into account the dynamic changes that occur when you reduce calories, like a slowing metabolism, and these have been turned into free online calculators for your personalized estimates. One of them is the National Institutes of Health’s Body Weight Planner (http://bit.ly/NIHcalculator) and another is the Weight Loss Predictor Calculator from the Pennington Biomedical Research Center at Louisiana State University (http://bit.ly/LSUcalculator).

The NIH Body Weight Planner has proven to be more accurate since the LSU model apparently overestimates the decline in physical activity, but both have their pros and cons. The NIH Body Weight Planner tells you how many calories you need to restrict and/or how much more you need to exercise to reach a specific weight loss goal by a certain date. Clicking on the „Switch to Expert Mode“ button, you get a graph and an exportable chart showing your daily weight loss progression. See below and at 1:15 in my video to see the Body Weight Planner.

For instance, if you’re a sedentary middle-aged woman who’s overweight at 175 pounds and wants to get closer to her ideal weight within a year, consuming 2,000 calories a day would prevent future weight gain, and consuming around 1,400 calories per day would lower your weight, and you could maintain this lower weight at 1,700 calories per day. If you also run a mile daily, you would have a bit more calorie wiggle room.

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