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Die neue MLB Batting Practice Cap-Kollektion 2024 ist da – SportsLogos.Net News

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The 2024 New Era MLB Batting Practice Cap Collection has been released in collaboration between Major League Baseball and New Era. This unique collection features a design inspired by the franchise history of all thirty MLB ball clubs. The collection includes a total of 34 caps (with the White Sox, Dodgers, Mets, and Yankees each having two), with many teams using old logos and adding horizontal stripes, combining old designs with new colors in a similar fashion to the successful Reverse Retro seen in the NHL.

In the past, the same cap was worn during spring training and batting practice, but that will no longer be the case in 2024. These caps seem to be made of the same material as the new Spring Training Caps, specifically designed for regular season training.

Let’s take a closer look at each division:

– Baltimore Orioles feature a retro logo with the sitting Oriole bird, worn during the early 1990s but updated in a modern cap style with a white front panel.
– Boston Red Sox have brought back their red cap design from the 1970s.
– New York Yankees offer a home and away option, and the team’s main logo making a rare on-cap appearance for the away cap.
– Tampa Bay brings back the Devil Rays while breaking out their original cap logo from 1998-2000 in a simplified color style.
– Toronto presents a simple, baby blue-crowned version of their traditional home and away caps.

– Chicago White Sox have two versions, both featuring the team’s secondary sock logo with a ball-diamond design, with the blue and red version likely reserved for Sunday home games.
– Cleveland Guardians introduce the racing stripes that were once worn on their 1980s sleeve, while Detroit Tigers bring back the stripes from their 1990s road jerseys.
– Kansas City presents a retro logo on the crown, the older version of their main logo with an „R“ instead of just the „KC.“
– Minnesota Twins bring back their road cap „M-Star“ logo onto a white pinstriped crown.

– Houston Astros bring back the „Tequila Sunrise“ design from the 1970s with striped front panel, similar to the vibrant uniforms of that era.
– Los Angeles Angels feature a dark blue crown on a red brim, similar to the California Angels‘ caps until the late 1990s.
– Oakland Athletics stick with their familiar cap style with their sunglasses-covered elephant logo on the front.
– Seattle combines the „S“ cap logo worn in the late 1980s with their current color scheme, and World Series-winning Texas Rangers give us their „T“ logo from the 1990s on a white front panel cap.

– Atlanta Braves update their 1970s cap design with the modern darker color scheme.
– Miami Marlins introduce blue-green pinstripes, reminiscent of the old Florida Marlins.
– New York Mets feature old racing stripes on the caps from their 1980s home jerseys, along with their BP road cap that also uses the „New York“ script from their 1987 road jersey.
– Philadelphia Phillies go beyond the box and use the head of their famous mascot, the Phanatic, on the crown of a royal blue cap.
– Washington Nationals go red and black with the „DC“ logo from their early seasons in Washington in the mid-2000s.

– Chicago Cubs revive the „Angry Cub“ logo on a simple royal blue cap.
– Cincinnati Reds adopt the sleeve stripes from their old pullover jerseys, along with the black-free version of their main logo on the crown.
– Milwaukee goes powder blue and continues to feature the Beer Barrel Man logo on the front, reminiscent of their early years in Milwaukee in the 1970s.
– Pittsburgh’s „Stargell Stars“ make a comeback, the stars that Willie Stargell once bestowed on his teammates.
– St. Louis finishes the division with a look back at a simpler era of design with their navy blue cap from the 1950s.

– Arizona Diamondbacks start their collection with their snakehead logo in a modern color scheme combining their modern blue with the black and bronze from the late 1990s.
– Colorado introduces a purple cap with black pinstripes and a black and white version of their flying ball logo.
– Los Angeles Dodgers feature a home and away version of their „D“ cap logo with lettering, similar to what they wear in the spring (the Dodgers logo on the side is a nice touch).
– San Diego adopts the bell-shaped front panel they wore in the 1980s and colors it in the sand gray they wore instead of yellow.
– Finally, the San Francisco Giants simply select their primary logo from the 1980s and 1990s and adhere it to the front of a black cap.

The New Era MLB Batting Practice Cap Collection 2024 will be available for purchase soon. Check back here later for your chance to get them! Alternatively, you can also revisit the introduction of the Spring Training Cap Collection 2024.

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