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Die Logos, Uniformen und mehr – SportsLogos.Net News

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The 2024 NHL Winter Classic is taking place today at T-Mobile Park in Seattle. The event features a showdown between the two youngest franchises in the league, with the host Seattle Kraken (established in 2021) facing off against the Vegas Golden Knights (established in 2017). This event marks the very first NHL outdoor game in Seattle, the first outdoor game for the Kraken, and the first Winter Classic appearance for the Golden Knights.

2024 NHL Winter Classic Logo

The 2024 NHL Winter Classic Logo, unveiled in June, captures the nautical essence of Seattle. The logo features blue, light blue, and red tones, along with some gold. The design incorporates a light blue compass with a red dial pointing northwest, waves at the base of the logo, and a rope surrounding the lettering. This design honors Seattle’s waterfront location and rich coastal history. The subtle red eye in the middle of the „n“ aligns with the Seattle Kraken logo, while the wordmark maintains the overall feel we’ve experienced since the very first Winter Classic in 2008 in Buffalo.

LINK: The complete history of NHL Winter Classic Logos

NHL Winter Classic Uniforms 2024

The NHL has officially unveiled the 2024 Winter Classic uniforms for the Seattle Kraken and Vegas Golden Knights. The Kraken Winter Classic uniform pays homage to the 1910s Seattle Metropolitans, with a predominantly navy blue jersey featuring beige and light blue stripes. The logo on the chest is similar to the original Mets sweaters with a large „S“ and the team name „KRAKEN“ inside. The connection to the Metropolitans is further emphasized with a „1917“ mark on the back of the collar, representing the year the early club achieved its Stanley Cup victory.

„Being able to give up the status that we’ve already won a trophy in this city, and we’re going to chase you, Vegas Golden Knights, and soon get our second,“ said Adidas design director Matty Merrill, „That’s a cool thing to put into it.”

2024 NHL Winter Classic Merch

The 2024 NHL Winter Classic jerseys for the Seattle Kraken and Vegas Golden Knights are now available at NHLShop.com, along with other Winter Classic-related merchandise featuring the special sweater logos of both clubs. Get yours before they are gone forever!

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