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Die leeren Nestjahre | Jim Daly

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Congratulations on your children recently reaching adulthood! They are entering a new chapter in life called „The Empty Nest Years.“ There are obstacles to overcome and exciting new possibilities on the horizon. The question to answer in this phase of life is, „How do I move forward purposefully?“ To that end, I would like to offer you some suggestions.

  1. Start leaving your children’s childhood behind. Letting go of the parenting phase of life is not always easy, but it is important to do so. It will be difficult to start this new journey if you haven’t properly ended the last one. Take time to grieve, and then move on to suggestion number two:
  2. Set new goals. This can be as simple as joining a new gym or as challenging as pursuing a college degree or career change. The idea is to redirect your energy towards new ambitions that inspire you with a sense of purposefulness.
  3. Make new friends and nurture existing relationships. Engaged friendships are life-giving—literally. They enrich the positive in our lives and strengthen us when circumstances become difficult.
  4. Most importantly, realign your relationship with your spouse. Travel together. Volunteer. Attend a marriage conference. Seek counseling if needed. Try new things together.

Just because your active parenting years are over, doesn’t mean life is over. You’re starting the second half. Just as your children spread their wings to fly, this stage of life is an opportunity for you to spread your wings.

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