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Die Herausforderungen bei der Erziehung eines Kindes mit Ekzemen

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A caring mother’s greatest wish is for her child’s health above all else. Imagine the emotional impact of discovering that your baby has eczema, and your greatest desire is to alleviate the itching and irritation. And imagine the worry that arises when a woman with eczema becomes pregnant. The what-if questions are significant.

Fortunately, there is excellent information – and inspiration – to help a woman in both situations. Here, two mothers reveal the great efforts they have made to provide relief and health for their children.

Meghan Elliot, a busy mother of two living in Kankakee, Illinois, took extraordinary measures to help her son Charlie, who has struggled with eczema since birth. After researching his needs, Elliot ensured that the healthcare system met them.

„Charlie had rough, scaly, bumpy skin,“ says Elliot, Operations Manager of the marketing firm Mayhill Moon. Initially affecting his cheeks and thighs, the inflammation later spread to his elbows. „My son’s pediatrician officially diagnosed him with moderate to severe eczema and recommended that we take him to a pediatric dermatologist.“ While they faced a frustrating waitlist for the dermatologist, Elliot took it upon herself to learn as much as she could about Charlie’s condition.

„One thing that stood out to me was that many children with eczema have moderate to severe food allergies,“ she explains. „When I saw how long it would take to get a referral to a pediatric dermatologist, I took it upon myself to call a pediatric allergist. Luckily, they took him in fairly quickly, and we found out that Charlie has a severe allergy to all types of eggs and also has lactose intolerance.“

This revelation was a turning point. „What we do now is lather his cheeks and chin with CeraVe healing ointment before and after meals to prevent irritation,“ she says. „The ointment acts as a barrier against any foods that could trigger a flare-up.“ Elliot carefully analyzed every aspect of Charlie’s routine to provide relief in various ways.

„One thing that helped my son was bathing him every evening,“ she says. „I thought it would dry him out even more, but our dermatologist said that a brief 5 to 10-minute lukewarm bath – followed by patting him dry and immediately moisturizing – would retain all the moisture in his skin. During his bath times, we use CeraVe lotion, shampoo, and body wash. We also apply CeraVe healing ointment to his cheeks throughout the day to lock in moisture. Charlie was also prescribed two topical ointments to use as needed and an oral medication to help with severe itching.“

To aid in his sleep, Elliot relies on the softest bedding. „We use bamboo bed sheets, and they are very breathable – if we use flannel sheets, his cheeks are very irritated when he wakes up,“ she says. „We also make a lot of bamboo clothing for him. He can also wear cotton clothing, but we definitely avoid wool or polyester.“

Charlie is doing well now. „We have a schedule for follow-up doctor’s appointments every three to six months, and he is doing much better than a year ago.“

However, the emotional toll of worries and constant care is significant. „Raising a child with eczema and food allergies is exhausting and frustrating,“ she says. „But you push for help to provide relief for your child. My advice to other parents in similar situations is to always be an advocate for your child. They can’t speak up for themselves, so it’s our responsibility to do it for them.“

Karen Fischer, an award-winning nutritionist and author living and working on the Australian Gold Coast, is dedicated to helping people with eczema through her online support network and her skincare company, Skin Friend. Her own story, and that of her daughter Ayva, now 22, is the reason she has made treating eczema her work and passion.

„I have experienced the pain of eczema from head to toe,“ explains Fischer. „I have a qualification as a naturopath, but I really understood eczema after experiencing it myself.“

Before becoming pregnant with Ayva, Fischer struggled with the skin condition. „My eczema started as a tiny spot,“ she recalls. „After a bout of work stress, the stress suddenly spread all over my body. Every time I ate, it flared up. Some nights, the itching was so bad I couldn’t sleep. I had to constantly wash my bedding, I couldn’t eat with friends, I was socially isolated. No one understood, and I spent a lot of time at home crying.“

Fischer noticed the connection between food and her flare-ups and carefully examined her diet. „Your skin is literally made up of the foods you eat, so it made sense to change my diet,“ she says. „Genetics play a role, but I believe that consuming healthy, low-chemical foods can counterbalance these genetic defects.“ Identifying and eliminating the foods that seemed to trigger her eczema helped Fischer recover.

Her pregnancy was thankfully uneventful. „Before I became pregnant, I suffered from hand dermatitis,“ she says. „With a healthy diet, it soon disappeared, so I had a rash-free pregnancy. However, Ayva developed eczema two weeks after birth.“

Fischer was devastated when she saw Ayva suffering, and the baby had trouble sleeping, but the new mother did not immediately think to treat her daughter’s skin condition the way she had treated her own. „I thought eczema was a genetic condition, and there was nothing I could do, so I unsuccessfully treated her eczema with topical steroids,“ she recalls.

Then came a breakthrough: „A nurse caring for Ayva told me about food intolerances and showed me the way to improve my daughter’s eczema. Nutritional biochemistry was my favorite subject at university, so I designed a diet specifically for Ayva based on research I had read from different allergy departments in hospitals. Ayva’s skin cleared up, and we gradually expanded her diet. The right foods can make your child’s body resilient.“

Today, mother and daughter are happy and healthy. „Eczema is a complex skin condition, and everyone can quickly give you advice,“ says Fischer – then offers some advice herself. „Healthy eating is the long-term and enduring solution.“

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