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Die Golden State Warriors hören den Klang der Unvermeidlichkeit

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When Rome burned, there was no definitive moment when everything collapsed. No definitive „BOOM“ that everyone can say, „that’s it for the Romans.“ Good run. If there had been, it might have sounded like this:

The Warriors squandered an 18-point lead to the defending champions, who didn’t seem to have shifted into third gear to take over that lead. The Nuggets are the new model that replaces the old, equipped with a different weapon for which no one has an answer. Steph Curry may still be near or at the peak of his powers, but he doesn’t distort the league the way Nikola Jokic does. Things change, things evolve, things get left behind.

Hollywood lore says the old hero can reform, come back with new ideas or techniques, and defeat those who want to replace him again before he rides off to a tropical island. In real life, Drago beats Rocky, and everyone moves on.

In between is a lot of noise and speculation about what the last „era team“ can do to stay a little longer, and it’s lamented why they missed the chance to extend their era a little more. But things never go smoothly. The likelihood is high that the team will consume what got them there for so long until it harms them. Victory defeats them, as Bane would say. It’s a slow burn.

But so it always goes. Perhaps people will remember how the Bulls of the 90s ended without thinking about the resentment and bitterness that came with it. That’s normal.

At least the Warriors had a clear vision on Thursday. No decision about what they’ll do this season and beyond will or should be based on a shot in a game in January. But they won’t overcome the gut feeling as the net crinkled. From now on, it will all taint a bit. It was as if a building collapsed too much in the inferno to believe that everything could become what it once was.

This Wemby guy is pretty good, huh?

And maybe a little taste of what the Nuggets, or whoever is chasing them not too far in the future, has to look forward to:

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