Home Sport Die Colorado Rockies haben Kris Bryants Seele zerstört

Die Colorado Rockies haben Kris Bryants Seele zerstört

von NFI Redaktion

Nowadays, most fans accept that a player signing a long-term contract with a team is more than justified. Only a few players, out of the very few who make it to the Majors, have the opportunity to leverage free agency and prepare for the rest of their career. While there is still a vocal minority who express anger towards a player for accepting a team’s offer, most of us understand it.

However, there are free-agent deals that still frustrate us. Was that really the best they could do in terms of money or years, or if they fit with that team? Kris Bryant’s deal with the Rockies two years ago was one of them. Not the money, which was significant and well-deserved. But if there’s a team a player would spend less money to avoid, it’s the Rockies. The dumbest, most stubborn, ill-equipped, understaffed, or mismanaged collection of idiots in any front office in the league. This is a team without direction, without a plan, without hope, nothing but a beautiful stadium inhabited by its fans for over six years.

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