Home Sport Die Chiefs wischen Pats ab, aber Mahomes und WRs scheinen nicht synchron zu sein

Die Chiefs wischen Pats ab, aber Mahomes und WRs scheinen nicht synchron zu sein

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At the start of Week 15, the Kansas City Chiefs found themselves in the midst of a tough phase, having lost four of their last six games, including the past two weeks against Green Bay and Buffalo, games where they were expected to win. It appeared that they were not performing like Super Bowl champions. However, the scheduling gods blessed the Chiefs with a struggling New England Patriots team on Sunday, which was just what KC needed to get back on the path to success, defeating New England 27-17. Still, the Chiefs do not appear ready for another run at the big game.

While a win is a win no matter how it’s achieved, the Chiefs are not performing as expected. Their offense has not been as explosive as in previous seasons. From Week 11 to 14, Kansas City only scored 20 or more points once, in their 31-17 win over the Raiders. In the other three games, they scored 19 once and 17 twice, resulting in losses.

Even though they scored almost 30 points against the Pats, the Chiefs‘ offense still did not look synchronized. Between Patrick Mahomes‘ turnovers and wide receivers dropping passes, it’s hard to say which has cost them more in recent months. Mahomes played well on Sunday afternoon but added two more interceptions. The second was not entirely his fault, but the issue of his receivers dropping passes comes into play.

While it’s great to throw for 300 yards and two touchdowns with a completion rate of almost 73 percent, if you can’t keep up with the guys catching those passes, there’s a problem. This seems to have been the issue for most of the year, and it finally caught up with Mahomes and the Chiefs. The defense has truly been KC’s savior this year, ranking third in the NFL, allowing only 17.5 points per game.

While the surprise win was pleasant, this roster was built on explosive offensive plays, with Mahomes often making something out of nothing. Lately, they have been unable to avoid offensive troubles. Self-inflicted wounds are the worst and usually cause the most damage to any football team. The defense catching up and holding its own is great, but if Mahomes can’t reduce the turnovers, they may not be celebrating in January and February. At this rate, Taylor Swift’s club could be remembered as the most exciting part of Kansas City’s 2023 campaign.

During Mahomes‘ tenure as starting quarterback, the Chiefs have yet to play a postseason game on the road. Since 2018, KC has made the playoffs every year, and this streak is in jeopardy as they currently trail the Ravens and Dolphins in the AFC. While KC’s remaining schedule is favorable, they will face the Raiders, Bengals, and Chargers. All three teams are relying on backup QBs. Even if the Chiefs don’t quite look like „the Chiefs,“ the home-field advantage is still within reach, but Mahomes and the offense need to address this issue soon.

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