Home Sport Die Chicago Bears könnten Justin Fields behalten – und Caleb Williams verpflichten

Die Chicago Bears könnten Justin Fields behalten – und Caleb Williams verpflichten

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The Chicago Bears‘ offseason revolves around a crucial question: What to do at quarterback? Should the team consider drafting, or should they trade Justin Fields and select Caleb Williams, if needed?

According to ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter, the Bears are considering adding both quarterbacks to the roster. „The Bears have discussed the idea of signing both quarterbacks, as unlikely as it may seem,“ Schefter said during ESPN’s Super Bowl coverage before the game. „Draft the guy at No. 1 and keep Fields. Will they manage to do that? It’s hard to imagine, but that’s a discussion that has arisen within the organization.“

Ian Rappoport from the NFL Network also reported that the Bears have requested „a historic haul“ to move up to the No. 1 overall pick.

„It would take a historic haul, something crazy, for the Bears to move out of the No. 1 overall pick,“ Rapoport said. „This knowledge has far-reaching implications. First of all, it’s an indication that they’re likely to take a quarterback at No. 1 if there isn’t a wild draft compensation for someone trying to move up for Caleb Williams.“

Is this just part of the Bears‘ plan to increase their asking price for both Fields and the No. 1 pick? Most likely, but it’s still a smart move if they decide to go through with it. Fields has achieved career highs in passing yards, completion percentage, and passer rating. He’s not yet a great passer, but he continues to improve each year. Even if Williams is the No. 1 overall pick, Chicago at least has the opportunity to make a comprehensive assessment of Fields‘ future before moving forward.

Additionally, starting rookie quarterbacks is proving to be a fairly savvy strategy at the moment. Both quarterbacks starting in Super Bowl LVIII – Patrick Mahomes and Brock Purdy – began their rookie season on the sidelines, learning under a veteran. The same goes for this year’s MVP, Lamar Jackson, or groundbreaking rookie Jordan Love.

It’s not perfect in every case. Josh Allen had some rough years before his breakout in his third year, and he was starting in every game. Offensive Rookie of the Year CJ Stroud immediately made an impact in the NFL without having to sit. It’s not necessary for everyone, but it’s simply a smart practice to allow a player from college to become familiar with the scheme and timing at a professional level before being thrown to the wolves.

It’s also wise to have as many swings at the quarterback position as possible. The Arizona Cardinals were not satisfied with Josh Rosen and picked Kyler Murray at No. 1 the following year. The New England Patriots have drafted a quarterback in six of the last ten drafts, with five of them starting games in the NFL.

Every team’s dream is to have an elite quarterback. Considering that the Bears‘ only Hall-of-Fame quarterback retired in 1950, they need every chance to find their man.

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