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Die Calgary Wranglers von AHL bringen am 29. Dezember „Retro Re-Brand“-Trikots heraus – SportsLogos.Net News

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The Calgary Wranglers have unveiled their new „Retro Re-Brand“ jersey, adding another surprise to their collection for the 2023-24 season, just when it seemed like they were done with their jersey lineup.

Just about a month after revealing their black „Outlaw“ alternate jerseys, the American Hockey League team presented a new jersey on Wednesday, December 20, through its social media channels. The team will wear these jerseys for only one game – on Friday, December 29, at home against the Abbotsford Canucks – and they will then be auctioned off.

The jerseys are mainly white with red, angular shoulders and a red collar with yellow trim. „WRANGLERS“ is written diagonally across the front of the jersey in red with yellow outline. Yellow, red-trimmed rope stripes run around each sleeve.

The jersey’s hem features the red silhouette of a foothill landscape with the red silhouette of a cowboy riding a horse and lassoing a rope. Rope stripes, this time in red with yellow trim, run around the waist.

The primary „W“ logo of the Wranglers is on the right shoulder, while a newly colored version of the side-view Blasty logo from the Outlaw jerseys appears on the left shoulder. None of the photos from the Wednesday announcement showed how names or numbers on the back or sleeves of the jersey were treated.

Bidding for the game-worn jerseys starts at $250, and the auction goes live on December 28. It will run until January 3, 2024. The Wranglers did not specify in Wednesday’s announcement which charity, if any, the auction proceeds would be donated to.

Replica jerseys were not available on the CGY Team Store website at the time of publication. The only merchandise related to the Retro Re-Brand jerseys was a puck with the diagonal inscription „WRANGLERS“ and the red silhouette of the foothills and cowboy in a golden rope.

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