Home Sport Die Buffalo Bills spüren den Schmerz der strengen Gehaltsobergrenze der NFL

Die Buffalo Bills spüren den Schmerz der strengen Gehaltsobergrenze der NFL

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The Buffalo Bills gave it their all. When they signed Miller to that six-year, $120 million contract, it was a clear indication that a „Super Bowl or Bust“ mentality was present on the team bus, in the airplane, at the training facility, and on the front of Ralph Wilson Stadium.

This is what a team should do after coming up just 13 seconds short of defeating Patrick Mahomes on the road. Yet, the franchise is still trying to shake its bad juju for the Bills and their fans. They battled injuries during the regular season to secure the second spot in the AFC and host a home game against the AFC Kansas City Chiefs. In the final possession, Bills kicker Tyler Bass missed a potential game-winning attempt.

A much nobler loss than the thrashing they received at the hands of the Cincinnati Bengals the previous season, but this team also faced injury woes. Miller tore eight sacks this season, suffered a torn ACL. Three safeties went down, and they were left shocked and dismayed as one of them – Damar Hamlin – collapsed and had to be revived on the field during a game.

With the NFL being a league with strict salary caps, the Bills were forced to make some tough decisions at the start of this off-season. They released former All-Pros Jordan Poyer and Tre’Davious White, Starting Center Mitch Morse, Running Back Nyheim Hines, Defensive Back Siran Neal, and Special Teamer Deonte Harty on Wednesday. Miller restructured his contract, and these moves have freed up over 36 million dollars in salary.

Unless Josh Allen is ready to throw for 60 touchdowns this season – which will be quite challenging if Stefon Diggs gets fed up with the Bills or is unable to return to his early 2023 form – the Bills better hit some home runs in the draft if they want to keep up with the Chiefs, Bengals, Baltimore Ravens, and the uprising Houston Texans.

No single person is to blame for what happened with the Bills. They played a poor home game against the Bengals in the playoffs, but it was an unusually rigorous season. At home against the Chiefs, they controlled the clock by focusing on the running game and not turning the ball over. After the first play of the fourth quarter, KC once again failed to score.

The front office has made some mistakes in previous drafts, but it’s not an exact science. This franchise was a punchline for 30 years. They had to believe that the 13-second loss was a fluke that could have been avoided with more talent. The Bills brought in Miller for one final push and fell just short of the Lombardi Trophy podium – and the Lamar Hunt Trophy podium.

It’s not like the Bills have to start from square one. As long as Allen is on the roster, they will be competitive. Continuing to focus on the running game where it’s not all about him is the best way to preserve his career and keep the ball in his hands. On defense, McDermott needs to step up his coaching game this fall, or he won’t be their head coach in 2025.

Players are rehabbing their bodies from the season, and the front office is currently undergoing a team salary cap operation. These are the breaks when a champion is determined through a single-elimination tournament. Sometimes, the elongated ball just isn’t friendly. The Bills gave their best and fell well short. These are the breaks, and now, thanks to the CBA, many key players have played their last game in a Buffalo uniform.

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