Home Sport Die Blue Jays müssen auf Fakten statt auf Mythen aufbauen

Die Blue Jays müssen auf Fakten statt auf Mythen aufbauen

von NFI Redaktion

In many ways, it is a beautiful metaphor for the off-season and the prospects of the Toronto Blue Jays, feverishly watching the flight path of a plane that wasn’t quite what it should have been. The Jays knew Shohei Ohtani wasn’t on that flight, but their fans certainly didn’t. That doesn’t mean the Jays themselves acted any less blinded this winter, or are any less unclear about who they are as spring training approaches in just a month.

There are certainly many frustrated fanbases around the MLB, likely most of them outside the center of Los Angeles. Giants fans could turn Oracle Park into the new Jamestown at this point. Mariners fans are simply confused. Cubs fans are waiting for something to show that the team is serious about acting like the biggest market in the NL Central. Yankees fans wonder where their new acquisitions are, as reassured as they were by the trade for Juan Soto. Mets fans are Mets fans. This list could go on, but Blue Jays fans are at the top of the „What the hell are we doing?“ brigade.

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