Home Sport Die besten und schlechtesten Leistungen von Jordan Love der Packers waren in dieser Nachsaison zu sehen

Die besten und schlechtesten Leistungen von Jordan Love der Packers waren in dieser Nachsaison zu sehen

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Regardless of how Jordan Love’s season ended, it was a success. He put himself in a position to secure a Green Bay sack during this offseason, defeating the Dallas Cowboys in his playoff debut with a 3-touchdown performance. Despite the unfortunate ending, it was an overall feel-good story. However, Love does come with a warning sign, which was evident in the Packers‘ season finale. In the decisive moment of his and the Packers‘ season, Love reverted to his original form.
Love led 24:21 against the San Francisco 49ers with one minute left, but failed to bring the ball easily to lower field. After a first and 10 from his own 36 in the final minute, Love escaped the pocket, only to be tackled by Nick Bosa, sealing the fate of the Packers‘ season.
This moment of fight or flight demonstrated Love’s core instincts, giving a glimpse of why he fell in the draft three years ago. Most quarterbacks face highs and lows, but this gravity affects Love more than most. Love occasionally feels the urge to target the defense, with an occasional express delivery. As a starter, he remained immune to fluctuation fever this season, but his last successful season in 2018 saw a decline, where interceptions overshadowed his 32 touchdowns. Carrying that weight is in his blood.
Considering that Rodgers has the lowest interception percentage and touchdown-to-interception ratio in NFL history, Love’s tendencies raised concerns for Packers skeptics when he was drafted in the first round. Love has the potential for development, but showed the same Jekyll and Hyde behavior in Green Bay. His rapid pace during the regular season left rocky moments behind, culminating in the last drive, leaving the Packers nation wanting more.
However, Love must prove that his regression is not imminent, and that his season-ending throw was just a deviation. After a decade of Rodgers‘ consistency, Green Bay is once again in the crosshairs of another gunslinger.

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