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Die besten Spa-Studien 2023 befassen sich mit IBD, Restschmerzen und mehr

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A Danish study presented last year at the Rheumatology Winter Clinical Symposium (RWCS) highlighted the overlap between inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and Spondyloarthritis (SpA). The study revealed that approximately half of patients newly diagnosed with IBD showed findings consistent with SpA, emphasizing the importance of collaboration between rheumatologists and gastroenterologists.

Dr. Eric M. Ruderman, a professor of medicine, emphasized the need for increased communication between specialists in order to make informed treatment decisions for patients with overlapping conditions. He also highlighted the role of central pain in triggering residual symptoms in patients receiving biologic disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs (bDMARDs), underscoring the importance of identifying and addressing underlying issues.

Additionally, Dr. Ruderman discussed key studies from 2023, including a retrospective cohort study showing similar prevalence of Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS) among US military men and women with chronic back pain, and the GO-BACK study suggesting extended dosing of Golimumab. He also noted the discontinuation of a Phase 2 study on Tildrakizumab for axSpA and the approval of an intravenous form of Secukinumab by the FDA.

In the study on SpA in IBD patients presented at the EULAR meeting in 2023, rheumatologists examined 110 consecutive patients in Denmark, finding a significant overlap between IBD and SpA. Dr. Ruderman emphasized the importance of selecting appropriate medications for both gut and joint symptoms, noting the potential impact of different biologics on symptom management.

Regarding the study on central pain in r-axSpA patients treated with bDMARDs, Dr. Ruderman highlighted the association between central pain and residual symptoms. He cautioned against hasty changes in biologic treatments without addressing the underlying nature of the pain.

Overall, Dr. Ruderman emphasized the need for a collaborative approach between rheumatologists and gastroenterologists to ensure the best possible treatment outcomes for patients with overlapping conditions. Improved communication and a comprehensive understanding of both conditions are crucial for effective management of IBD and SpA.

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