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Die Bären machen wieder einmal das Minimum auf die rückständigste Art und Weise, die möglich ist

von NFI Redaktion

To put it plainly, here are all the things Matt Eberflus was allowed to do to keep his job: Waste the entire training camp, except for nearly half the team getting injured. „Mr. Track Shoes“ had his team unprepared for the start of the season, starting 0-4 and appearing confused. Two assistant coaches were dismissed for personal reasons, possibly because they both operated their laptops with their cheeks. Three, count them, THREE double-digit leads in the fourth quarter, including one against the Broncos who had given up 70 the week before, and then the last, when Eberflus decided to cover Joe Flacco’s only reliable target (David Njoku) as a defensive tackle. And to top it all off, they, after showing a certain amount of spice in the games leading up to the finale, completely disintegrated against the Packers again.

All of this was deemed good enough to keep him for the Bears team. Because that’s just how it goes around here.

Granted, the Bears don’t exactly revert to CONTINUITY and STABILITY, the kind of stupid catchphrases they’ve always been committed to instead of WINNING. They’re downsizing their offensive personnel, which is the absolute least they should be doing. To fire former OC Luke Getsy, no more significant evidence is needed than this game against the Packers on Sunday, where his punt returner tried to block Rashan Gary:

Says absolutely everything you need to know. In a game that was reasonably important and that the Bears claimed was crucial, as they hit the green and gold wall they haven’t been able to overcome for 74 years or whatever, Getsy once again made his way for himself. Just as he spent most of the season emphasizing what his quarterback could do. That doesn’t mean Justin Fields is innocent, but Getsy has spent about six games in his two years at the helm doing the things that showcase what makes Fields so special, and the rest of the time running an offense that existed only in his mind and not on the field, while simultaneously passing off everything he had to say to the local press in order to shift blame onto his quarterback and away from his utter nonsense.

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