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Devon Toews ist mit seinen Avalanche-Teamkollegen nicht zufrieden

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Last week, the Colorado Avalanche showed that despite their weaknesses and occasional hiccups, they still have an arsenal that very few teams can match (Check it out now!). It looked like the Avs were going to fight their way through the regular season and gain momentum in the spring. After all, the team is only 18 months away from a Stanley Cup and was knocked out in the first round last April, so they should definitely have a sense of what it takes and what makes sense. They went up and down while others might have disappeared before the important games.

Or maybe not.

In hockey, this kind of statement from teammates in the press is pretty rare, given the sacred nature that players tend to uphold. So for Devon Toews to make such a statement, something must be really off.

But that shouldn’t happen to the Avs. Maybe Toews thought it was best to sound the alarm bells now while the Avs are still at the top of the Central Division or tied, rather than waiting until they might fall too far back in the overall standings. A long way to sort out what he believes the problem is.

But who exactly is Toews talking about?

Clearly something is amiss in Denver, even though many teams would trade places with them. Maybe it’s not so simple after all.
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